Friday, February 26, 2016

FDC P10 petitions British PM Cameron to restrain #Museveni - #Uganda

Petition your local MP or Governor in Diaspora:
The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP
Prime Minister of Great Britain
10 Downing St, London
Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your attention the on-going extensive abuse with impunity of the basic human rights and democracy in Uganda.
As you are aware on 18/02/2016 Ugandans were to democratically and freely elect the next President. Even though these elections took place, they totally fell below the international standards compared to other countries as stated by many International and local observers.
Throughout the campaign and election process, there was excessive use of ammunitions, tears gas among others towards unarmed opposition supporters and sympathisers. There is plenty of material that can easily be accessed online showing how women and other vulnerable people were/are victims of these violations of the basic human rights.
Many opposition activists, volunteers, sympathisers, supporters and leaders were rounded up by agents of the current regime and thrown to torture chambers known as safe houses, others have disappeared, some have been murdered by agents of the state, many others are in prisons across the country with less access to their families and legal representatives.
As am writing to you now, the leading opposition candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye is under house arrest with no formal charges brought against him. Dr. Besigye has been arrested many times during and after the elections. It is public knowledge that Mr Museveni who has been in power since 1986 is not willing to hand over power to any other person in Uganda however much the will of Ugandans states otherwise.
The majority of Ugandans are freedom lovers, non-violent, yawning for democracy, accountability, development, international solidarity and partnership. However, this cannot happen with the on-going leadership of Mr Museveni.
Many Ugandans are currently fleeing Uganda to seek asylum in other countries that can protect them.
This letter is not about Mr. Museveni as a person but to highlight and request actions against the impunity in the abuse of the basic human rights that has led and still leading to losing of lives and property during his 30 years plus regime.
I am aware Britain has a close relationship with this Mr Museveni’s regime. It is my humble request that Britain should immediately review its relationship with this reign of terror based on the gross abuse of human rights.
The majority of Ugandans are currently living under fear for their lives due to their political opinion or choice. Indeed, many people in and outside Uganda have labelled Mr Museveni’s regime a reign of terror. We strongly believe you can do a lot to avert this situation. Even though you may say Britain cannot directly involve itself in the internal affairs of another independent state like Uganda however, history has it that Britain’s involvement in stopping reigns of terror has been a success, though inaction by the British government in the past has produced fatal consequences.
The just concluded sham campaigns and elections in Uganda have been formally criticized by the United Nations, leader of the Commonwealth observers team President Obasanjo, the United States government, Botswana government, local observers and Uganda opposition candidates. However Mr Museveni has also been praised for retaining power into a 4th-decade leadership by the World’s most prominent dictatorial leaders such as President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, President of North Korea, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda among others.
The election results as read by the regime appointed electoral commission do not tally with the actual figures as witnessed by people at the polling centres. In many parts of the country some polling agents belonging to opposition parties were forcefully removed by the state agents. The state has also made it impossible for Dr. Besigye to access the manipulated results as read by the electoral commission.
The elections were characterised by, among others; murder of opposition supporters, torture of women, children, elderly among others, intimidation, disappearance of people, delay of delivery of voting material in opposition strongholds, manipulation of results, lack of transparency, imprisonment of opposition leaders and supporters, harassment, social media restrictions and state monitoring and broad daylight vote rigging. These among others are the tactics used by rogue regimes that were first to congratulate Mr Museveni.
The British government should follow the evidence as provided by independent observers in the just concluded elections and denounce the leadership of Mr Museveni.
The British should work hand in hand with other international and local Ugandans to verify the elections results in order for Uganda to have a leader that reflects the will of the people.
The British government should work hand in hand with other governments and international agencies to freeze assets of all those that have masterminded the reign of terror in Uganda.
The British government should work hand in hand with other countries to impose travel bans on all those people that have masterminded the reign of terror in Uganda.
We are also calling for a debate in both houses of UK Parliament on the current and previous abuses of human rights by the Museveni regime.
The British government should work hand in hand with other nations and Ugandan counterparts to bring these master-minders of the reign of terror to justice through the courts of law locally and internationally.
We would also like to draw your attention to the famous book titled Sowing the Mustard seed by Mr. Yoweri Museveni in which he described the problem of Africa as being leaders who overstay in power. Indeed, on this point, Mr Museveni was very right. This is what many Ugandans believe to be true as well. Thus, your involvement will enable Ugandans and the World to solve one of Africa’s greatest problems as illustrated by Mr Museveni in his book. Your inaction in this matter will not only set a bad and dangerous precedent, but it will also lead to continued loss of lives and property.
Once again we would like to appreciate your role in influencing the introduction of the rule of law and democracy across the globe.
The people of Uganda will be very glad to hear from you at their greatest hour of need.
Thank you.
Prince Dickson Wasajja
Secretary for Mobilisation and Publicity
Forum for Democratic Change UK and Northern Ireland &
Chairman P10 UK Chapter.

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