Monday, February 29, 2016

#Besigye petition disabled as witnesses ‘disappear’ - #Uganda

[The super powers can never say we did not warn them of what was going on in Uganda.  Now sit back and pass the buck.]
Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] agents and witnesses have reportedly either been arrested and imprisoned or are being hunted down by police.
This was disclosed by Kizza Besigye’s lawyer, Yusuf Nsibambi.
Nsibambi whose home was over the weekend taken over by security agents, told NTV that it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to gather evidence to challenge the 2016 Presidential results.
“Presenting a presidential petition is not an ordinary thing. We need evidence,” he told the television.
Besigye got 35% in the general election against President Yoweri Museveni’s 60%.
“Most of our agents are on the run while others are in prison. Declaration forms were also confiscated.”
He said the police has ably disabled the entire process.
“It is now difficult for us to put up a case,” Nsibambi added.
Meanwhile, Besigye has petitioned court to seek orders to evict police officers and other security personnel besieging his home.
Besigye’s lawyers last Friday petitioned Kasangati Magistrates’ Court protesting the continued presence of police.
They demand the police withdrawal with immediate effect.
After the 2011 general election, police also laid siege at Besigye’s residence for one week claiming he was under ‘preventive arrest’.
Besigye petitioned court upon which Grade One Magistrate Jessica Chemeri declared police occupation of his home as unlawful.

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