Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lip service - #Uganda

The phrase Lip Service is used in business and politics as identifying a problem that affects people and then convincing them that you will fix that problem.
Uganda pays far too much lip service to the issues which matter to the population.
  1. Uganda parliament has many women in parliament so we are women friendly.  Until I read one of them in media saying "Mbabazi cannot come and campaign in Busoga because he is not an inlaw".  Listen sister, if you have a crash on that man, sort it out privately and not in the media.
  2. Uganda has improved education and now gives UPE and USE plus many universities.  Aha, except you think that the best jobs they qualify for after getting that degree is working as maids, sex slaves or house boys.  This one is also something that needs its own chapter.  I saw some kids learning under trees?  How is your education looking now?  In Canada, a kid in P1 can have an iPhone 5s and a laptop.  Your kids do not even have kibiriti.
  3. Wealth Creation.  This has been one of my passions.  Until I looked into who gets the money to create wealth?  Do I need to give you examples from your own media?  Funds stolen.
  4. Medical care - Uganda has built many hospitals and health care centres.  First of all, this regime has not built any hospitals since Amin and Obote (RIP).  Your health centres are non funded, no paid staff, no medicine or equipment.  And the ones which used to be good like Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap.  OR, do you want to look at the story of when NSWC shut off the water to Mulago and some 60+ died?  In any case, you fly people to Germany to have babies or to Nairobi to get malaria treated.
  5. Peace and sleep.  Now this is where the government has to explain how Christopher #Aine vanished with no trace.  Or better still, explain to us how many bodies washed up on the beaches of Lake Victoria in December 2015.
  6. Sleep - pray tell us how Charles Rwomushana got arrested, Allan Kitonsa and now Gen. Sejusa.  Enjoy your peace.
The writer is an ardent follower of Uganda politics, with IT work experience, Job migration and recruiting.
Ugandans must wake up.  I respect Gen. Museveni tremendously but I think the people around him are lying to him.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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