Saturday, December 26, 2015


To all my brothers and sisters in this struggle for change in Uganda.  Please help us to help us to help each other and show the world what our struggles are.

Videos should be MP3 and MP4.  This makes it easier to load them on youtube.  Apart from that, just load them on Facebook.  They are easy to extract and load on youtube and all my uploads go global.

If you have only audio, upload it on FB or send it via whatsap and we shall deal with turning it into a youtube video which is shareable globally.  You all know my whatsap number +15068716371.  It is a Canadian number and the one for all social media calling.

I just spent some money and time working on converting a video someone had put on Google.  This brother did not know that it would have been better put on youtube (which is owned by Google).

We need to utilize economies of scale and minimize time on all of us plus expenses.  I am not going to load any more videos which cost me $7 a shot when you can all provide them in easier formats and I pay nothing except my time.  WE ARE FIGHTING A DICTATOR WHO PRINTS MONEY.  Let us try to do things as efficiently as possible and free of course.  Please try to put your videos in the formats mentioned above.

I thank you and promise you that no intimidation will deter me from this fight to liberate our country from a leopard that belongs in the bush.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap.  Hence

Check out my Youtube Channel.  This is where I put all the videos sent or audios with full credits.
The opening song is by Rexy from Mbale.  The art is by Ashe Grace Ssebulime (aka Davinci)

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