Saturday, December 26, 2015


UAH on FB is 94,035 members (contributor).
UAH steroe is 49, 735 members (editor).
We Speak for the nation (Uganda) is 62, 572 members (Admin).
Politics is 10, 501 members (contributor).

Politics of Northern Uganda is 6, 930 members (Editor)

National News Service is 8, 303 members (Admin).

Politics of Northern Uganda is 6, 093 members (contributor)

And many other groups and pages. 

I fail to understand why you people hide behind little groups on whatsap with only 100 members per group when your messages are not even accessible outside whatsap.  The people who contact me direclty know that I share their messages globally but the rest of you do not understand that whatsap can only inform 100 people. My own FB account has thousands of readers and followers. My Google has 400k viewers and I have no idea how many followers. Same thing with Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit. So I fail to understand how you can make an impact hiding in a closed group of 100 people. If your message is important, propagate it globally. Put your face on it. Make it public. The world will believe you because fakery in this war on Dictator #Museveni needs courage and sacrifice.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a death trap. So #MuseveniMustGo

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