Tuesday, December 29, 2015


This year 2015 has been one of informing and educating about the ruthlessness of dictator Museveni. We have made a lot of progress. However, sadly we have much more work to do. We need to use every means of communication to reach every citizen.

If you get our messages, share them with all the people down to every village. That is the only way we will effect change. Information is power. The key thing is for everyone to reject band aid solutions and promises which do not guarantee a future free of poverty, unemployment, horrible healthcare, bastardized education, bad roads, corruption, nepotism, arbitrary arrests or kidnappings, tortures and murders.

If you think it will never happen to you, think about the giants who died under mysterious circumstances this year. If you think that accepting election money and singing pakalast, then you are not thinking about your children and grand children.  Millions have been turned into beggars and thieves. Is this the life you want for your children?  Remember a regime change is imminent. Given how loudly you have praised the dictator, do you think the new regime will give you a brown envelop?  Ask what happened to the diehard supporters of Amin (RIP) and Obote (RIP).  If I were you I would take the money and be quiet.

All the people who are currently detained and tortured need all of us to speak out loudly for them. Museveni has set up a perfect system. Anyone can tell state goons that you support Museveni but you work with opposition. Bang! Next you are arrested and screaming you have never worked with opposition while being water boarded. Museveni supporters must be careful about this. There is no litmus paper to take your blood and test it to ensure it is only yellow.

Heading into the New Year, be very careful. The violence is a real threat. Heed the warnings of all the freedom fighters.

Happy New Year
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap

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