Thursday, December 31, 2015


The #Uganda shilling is closing the year at 3373 on the US dollar, 4974 on the British pound, 3664 on the Euro and 33 even on the Kenyan shilling. Could someone give us the rates for 2014 year end? I have run out of MBs. If you notice depreciation in the value of the Uganda shilling, take it up with Muchebile.

Coffee is still the same.

Gold is at $1062 per ounce.

Oil is trading at $37.60 a barrel. Tiny drop but the chart looks good. It is going to move up and hit resistance at $40 then pull back but the momentum and chart says Oil is going up.  This might be a good time for Uganda to start production. How is that refinery construction going by the way. No refinery, no oil. You cannot seriously expect to export oil in jerricans!

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