Wednesday, December 23, 2015


The Uganda shilling is stable at 3355 on the US dollar, 4998 on the British pound, 3661 on the Euro and 32.79 on the Kenyan shilling.  I am finding this interesting. After WB cancelled the road project loan of $265 million, I thought the markets would react. However, I think Ugandans in the diaspora sent money or flew home and propped up the shilling. Nothing else explains the shilling being this strong. However those who love numbers will remember that it was 2300 this time of year last Christmas. 😂😂😂😂. Nothing to brag about.

Coffee is not changed. Read previous posts.

Gold is at $1073 an ounce. It moved up a bit in Asia before Europe opened and North America does not open for another hour.  But Gold is stable though. End of day trading here will be posted. I am in Canada.

Oil, omg the Leopard's oil.  Oil is opening in North America at $36.36 a barrel.  Some of you will remember me saying that oil would go down, touch $35 and then bounce up. Main reason is there were auto buy orders in that price range. If you look at the chart, it looks like the fall is off for now.  However this is not a very strong signal. The buy orders were not enough to offset the sell orders. So it is a criss cross. I would not buy or short it.

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