Thursday, December 24, 2015


The Uganda shilling closed at 3350 on the US dollar, 5000 even on the British pound, 3670 on the Euro and 32.73 on the Kenyan shilling. I really like how the Kenyan shilling is stable. Been trading it for 2 years and the range on Uganda has been only 30-33.  Stable is good in this business.

Coffee is same boring. No change. Imagine some people fell for wealth creation. Mbu uproot your coffee and we give you free seedlings of citrus fruits. #MuseveniMustGo! Who ditches a non perishable product and grows oranges you can only sell on Tirinyi Road? Intentional impoverishment. Coffee paid for all of my education in Uganda.

Gold finished at $1078 an ounce. So glad Kataha did not dump her Karamoja gold on the market. Might be because she is giving it back to the people of Karamojacto use to fight for the new 1500 cases of nodding disease.  Which by the way was caused by war weapons (read chemicals) by someone who shall remain Nameless. Mama, I am also afraid of sticking my finger into a lion's ass!

Oil closed at $37.89 a barrel. Nothing to write home about. This minor uptick looks like it ran into problems.  Although it is likely to light trading given that today was Xmas Eve. Hopefully Monday's trading will continue the momentum.

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