Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Muganga Douglas Katosi
2 hrs
The blatant lies of M7 and his NRM
"We oppose sectarianism, disregarding people living with disabilities, disregarding the youth and undermining women. We value all humans of Uganda and Africa. That is the ideology of NRM."
Questions from concerned citizens
1. Why does M7 , as Commander in Chief , allow a situation in the Uganda Police where 80% of the District Police Commanders are from the Western region?
Yet , our 1995 constitution commands that , " The composition of government shall be broadly representative of the national character and social diversity of the country"
2. In the recently concluded National Youth Council elections , officials of State House and other military organs , used money and cajoling to corrupt youth delegates into voting only those youth candidates that were agreeable to the M7/NRM regime.
This resulted in an ethnically imbalanced executive committee where 85% of the members hail from Western Uganda.
Why are people from the other oppressed n disenfranchised nationalities of Uganda quiet about these injustices?
This can not be a campaign issue for especially the top three presidential contenders in Dr Kizza Besigye , Amama Mbabazi , and Museveni , for reasons that I may not be aware of.
Fellow country men and women , does this complaint deserve attention , or am I the only one?

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