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This why I detest impunity, yesterday I shared this picture requesting for a dossier about the mufere in the picture. 
Thank God, information age is doing the magic we got a clear file on him.

Information about the man who has set camp at the Electoral Commission to steal Besigye’s votes.
A man called Ngabirano who is head of IT at the Uganda Police Force has pitched camp and taken over the whole E.C IT department to build a network through which votes will be rigged. But who is he? Below is information we can share about him, information you can trust !
Mr. Ngabirano is the son to late Obadiah Babumpabwire (a distant uncle to Dr. Besigye) and Mrs Shallot Babumpabwire. His mother Charlotte is from Kisoro and a first cousin to Kale kayihura. Having had difficulties in his childhood due to his poverty stricken family, among all siblings, only him has a ‘degree’, a Nasser road manufactured degree purported to have been issued by Kyambogo University. The rest of his siblings having cowardised to forge degrees are languishing allover.
After struggling with his fake degree and no job, he faked papers and secured a visa to UK for Kyeyo and while there also faked another degree (which he now claims to be from the prestigious Oxford University). His luck ran out with the UK border force and he was arrested and deported for overstaying his visa.
Upon return to Kampala, he visited his uncle kayihura and claimed he can help him build an IT network, Kayihura then irregularly recruited into the Police as head of IT.
He was given a task of tracking TVO, a task in which he has miserably failed. A few months ago, queries arose in regard to his fake academic qualifications but his uncle Kayihura quickly silenced those who were querying him.
Because of his apparent knowledge in IT, kayihura always carried him to meetings with Museven, from these meetings, a friendship with Museveni arose and early this year, Museveni visited his village home and gave him a huge cash donation thanking him for his help ‘promoting state security’.
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To die for. Follow the link.

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