Thursday, December 24, 2015



Rigging the 2016 election song has been over played so far. Now time has come to put Museveni on notice. Rigging election will result into instability that will eventually buy him a one way ticket to the ICC.  Many people have questioned the role of Crime Preventers ( CP). The latest is the Archbishop of Uganda. He said CP are becoming  sources of crime and injustice. Justice James Ogoola also spoke out. He said that there is no known law and legal frame work under which they operate ( Observer). Kayihura said that he is targeting 2 million CPs this campaign period. If the police felt that they need more man power, they can ask parliament to fund the recruitment of more police. Amama Mbabazi said according to Observer that " CP through out the country have been given the voters registry and have been given the responsibility to determine which voter is live or dead". Is death a crime that they are trying to prevent? By having the registry, its a crime in itself which gives credence to Crime Promoters. The UPDF according to the Observer are in possession of voter's registry too. Kigunddu is on record telling Dr. Besigye that he will support the army if called upon on Besigye defiance campaign but is all smiles when giving out voter's registry to CP and UPDF. Museveni is preparing for post election violence should the opposition lose. If the election is not rigged already, why is Museveni preparing for post election violence. As president, he is supposed to be neutral in his statements but he said that nobody should put a finger on NRM supporters in today's Uganda. By doing so, he has already judged that JPAM's supporters were the criminals and ordered their arrest. Let us stop being dumb Ugandans, the election is already rigged. Let us organize ourselves to really put a stop to this Muhima man and fight him. He is getting ready for post election violence and we should get ready for plan-B.

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