Saturday, December 26, 2015


Tboe who keep up with my posts know that I have previously warned #TeamMuseveni about the errors they are making.  And they are making more errors by the day.  Arresting opposition when they know we communicate each arrest and kidnapping globally is nothing short of stupidity.

Recently, I have noticed that a team of people go after Span and I.  I think this is a very big mistake.  Span is one of the most intelligent people I have ever come into contact with.  I am a toss.

#TeamMuseveni has no intellectuals left in their camp.  Anyone with half a brain has abandoned that camp and is in opposition.  Span states facts which are well researched and not once has anyone in the government come out to challenge him when I post his writings.  He is not paid by anyone in opposition.  He has a good job and money is not his issue when he writes about Uganda. Then you have these kids who are not paid anything close to a living wage attacking him.  The sad thing is he gives his kids pocket money which is bigger than a salary for a civil servant in Uganda monthly.

Then these Museveni people hit at me.  I would be okay with that but they write bad English.  I could even understand their attacks and abuses but can they just try to write English please?  I also give my kids more money monthly than the average civil servant gets paid in Uganda or the ones who attack me.  AND our kids have a future since they attend schools with an education that teaches Critical Thinking and Articulation.  They also do not depend on sh. 50,000 during an election.

The Museveni camp is going around this the wrong way. Our goal is to educate the Ugandan kids that they will still face the 85% unemployment and no future after the rigged elections. Museveni is taking advantage of kids he intentionally impoverished so that they would become beggars. Imagine a University graduate who cannot even write one page of an essay in English or their mother tongue! This will backfire.  We all know Museveni will not leave power till he dies. Even then, one of his family members will take up the power. The entire future looks bleak because of the people who accept little money during elections and refuse to think about the future for themselves or their kids.  One day your kids will ask you why you supported Museveni. What will your answer be?

Wake Up Uganda!  If Aronda can die, who are you to think you are immune.  May his soul RIP. And pray tell us how many very high profile people died this year alone?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a Death Trao

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