Sunday, December 27, 2015



It is with sadness that we have lost a young and vibrant lady Juliet Tumwesigye who was a strong supporter of JPAM. This young Ugandan, supported her candidate of choice openly and was abducted by thugs and her body dumped in a river. This comes at time when Museveni said that those who put a finger on NRM supporters will pay dearly. More than sixty decades ago, your parents chose to come to Uganda because it was safe compared to your mother country of Rwanda. You found our nation peaceful, stable and economically progressive. You enjoyed the fruits of being brought up in a peaceful environment. It is the same peaceful atmosphere that we will fight your government to return to. After your violent utterances to the general public of getting your opponents to pay dearly, and cannot escape inside Uganda unless they go to heaven, indeed Tumwesigye is now in heaven but we will fight on and you will face justice. The fake peace that your government and your mostly kindergarten supporters alike keep on singing did not save Tumwesigye. A nation ruled by a constant show of guns is not at peace. It is now clear that, you have given us no choice but to protect ourselves from your police and military. Ugandans are tired of your entertainment of our neighbor historical conflicts and your Pan-Africanism talk that you base your hidden agenda of infiltrating foreigners into our  country. Honestly, we cannot notice any difference between your regime and that of Amin and your intelligence thugs that have been involved in the killings of our people. We therefore call on all concerned citizens to come together and liberate our motherland.

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