Monday, December 28, 2015


BY KB (not Besigye)

Did you know that iron bar killings started during Idi Amin's regime, then disappeared and reappeared in Obote-II government and once NRM came into power the iron bar killings disappeared and the appeared again in Rwanda-Kigali during Habyalimana's government and stopped when Kagame took power and then they reappeared in the 1990s in Uganda and in 2004 Mukono district was the worst hit by such crimes and in 2012 the killings by iron bar hit a level high in Mukono until Hon. Betty Nambooze threatened to ask Mukono residents to come to streets if the police did not arrest those involved and then, they stopped. DO you know that many people got arrested for such crimes but never heard of their cases being brought to courts? Your guess is as good as mine. Wake up!!! Fanon theory of Violence. Ohoooooo!!!!!

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