Monday, December 28, 2015


We trusted them with our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, relatives, friends plus food among others to fight alongside them to liberate Uganda.
They promised a better change and listed their 10 point programs as a guiding tool to deliver for Ugandan.
To-date after 30years of rule, they promise to distribute sanitary pads to Pupils, distribute hoes, reduced youth to beggars and political saboteurs extra.
The past leadership had investments serving Ugandans and majority benefited, but they were sold off by M7s regime. These included;
-Uganda Transport Company, with fleet of buses transporting Ugandans at a subsidized price.
-Uganda Diaries cooperation and public schools enjoyed milk on their menu. But M7 sold it to briefcase investors at 1dollar.
-Uganda Commercial Banks, UCB sold to Standard Group briefcase investors working for M7s pakalast rule.
- Chilling ton, used to manufacture hoes but M7 regime sabotaged its existence to favour briefcase case investors.
-Uganda Airline, now history hence wanainchi left with no option but profiteering foreign firms who end up repatriating their profits.
Other vanished Ugandan investments are;
- Uganda Railways.
-Uganda cooperative Banks.
-Uganda Meat Packers, Soroti.
-Uganda Posts and Telecommunications.
-MulBox For packaging boxes.
-African Textile Mills, Mbale.
-UGANDA Grain Millers
-Lint Marketing Board.
-UGANDA hotels; like Nile Hotel, Now Serena, Sheraton etc
-UGANDA coffee marketing Board.
-Uganda Soap Works, Mbale
-Ugationers for producing papers
-Uganda Bottling Company.
-Nytil and Ugandans were proud to put on clothes made in Uganda. However they have been reduced to wear second hand clothes, put on second hand shoes, even underwear’s, during M7s 30 years rule.
The current investments are owned by briefcase investors prolonging regime survival, and Ugandan investors are relegated.
Companies owned by briefcase investors have access to big government projects to maximize profits and part is remitted to M7 to meet his political desire. They recently contributed over 16billions to NRM.
Local firms like Greenland Bank, Ssembule Steel Mills and Electronics among others were sabotaged to allow briefcase firms maximize profits without competitors.
Keeping their promise of a better Uganda has proven futile under M7 rule, and relying on their promise after their 30years of rule, is a sign of moving one step forward and moving a hundred steps back.
The readings are clear with visible worrying Youth Unemployment, Deplorable health services, Brutality, killings, economic saboteurs’ on political grounds, unreliable education system, failed institutions only operating under orders from above. Corruption is at its peak supported by M7s rule, relegated Agriculture sectors with quack programmes like NAADS, Bona Bagagawale, Operation Wealth Creation geared at providing hoes to farmers as a form of mechanizing agriculture.
Since they failed to honour the trust, come February 18, 2016, Ugandan must not rely on countless unfulfilled promises of M7s 30 years rule.
Uganda is looking for a leader, who will stand to honour the promises to restore the institutions, promote local investors, reduce corruption, improve health services, maintain security, foster rule of law, take on infrastructure development for national development not based on political regime support, offer quality education, Reduce Youth unemployment among others.
Come 2016 February, 18 Ugandan must mobilize, cast and protect their votes to author in a leader who will work for Uganda as the CEO in the next 5 years, ready to deliver national development.

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