Thursday, December 24, 2015



The following was posted on Facebook in the group Platform for Truth and Justice.
Kitezaala Muzinyabigere Mohammed Huza

In my little past, i have learned that a friend's silence hurts more that the noise of the enemy! When Jpam is busy pointing fingers in the leopard's anus, many renown M7 friends are a little silent. It hurts him and sometime back he hinted on it asking why his friends won't say a word while Jpam was tearing the leopard's anus?! Now the "friends" embarked on a strategy of diverting and if possible disbanding Jpam's rallies and if possible all opposition rallies; as this would show how noisy they have gotten against the enemies of the defancto "Omugabe"!

The plan was unveiled when Kayihura disbanded Erias Lukwago's Nakasero rally which was clearly under the accepted E.C jurisdiction. Another was heard in the land of Bunyoro when the relative to the Rwakitura throne Gen. Tumukunde deliberately landed a chopper in the middle of the play ground where Mbabazi was legally holding a rally. He claimed he had booked the venue for NRM's candidate who was not supposed to be in the same region. Now the real fusion happened in Ntungamo where thugs who are residents of Makindye and Katwe were ferried to disrupt and make attack on Jpam himself. The mayhem began when one of the NRM-dressed man threw a big stone towards Jpam's car. Am telling you if Jpam's guards looked on, I would fire them if i was their boss. NRM made naked attack on a peaceful Jpam procession. The world was surprised on three issues:
1. The police just looked on when two groups wanted to kill each other!
2. The IGP treated NRM thugs like heroes with a treatment not even given to the MP the late Susan Namaganda who died in a car crush when the IGP ferried these thugs with a special police helicopter!
3. The president ordered for the arrest of the people who practiced their constitutional right: Self defense!

Now poor Oulanya was missing in action. He also had to do a "nange nalwanako" gesture. He prepared his goons to do what NRM does best: to create fear to Kizza Besigye's supporters in Gulu municipality. He was doing this to show to M7 that he was not among the friends who just folded hands to watch when the leopard's anus is destroyed, and may be for the survival of his position or gaining a better one if the Kleptocratic government never falls. 
However, this is a panicky mission for the villages where they boosted for having a lot of support is shifting like crazy! Team WesigeBesigye Dr Kizza Besigye 18th Feb 2016 is not a joking subject. Even police can not handle the wrath of God when they disrupt the people's president! It was an earth Quake at Gulu. They will never do it again. And the people of Gulu Municiplaity said it loud and clear. Ozannyiranga ku gwewali ozannyiddeko evvuvuumira teribuukira ku mwenyango! Do it to the people's president rally once again; Tubalage nti obwannyina omu ssi luganda, essanja libabula endagala! Eeeeeswiiiiiii......!!!!!

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