Tuesday, December 29, 2015


When the state operatives threatened the nurses at #Abim hospital in Uganda just because Dr. Besigye toured the hoslital, tgey had no idea they were opening a can of worms. The fury has been insane. To the point where heavily armed military are now deployed around hospitals to prevent the two main opposition leaders from going into any hospital to expose the rot.

However, this is a useless tax wasting endeavour. We have people with mobile phones all over the country. We have many videos on the internet about the healthcare. And we will keep getting more. Go ahead and shut off network connectivity in each hospital and health centre.  Hahaha. As if you have the expertise.

Watch Museveni defending the crippling medical system in this video.

Sent by Milton

#Uganda pathetic healthcare continued. And so are dictator #Museveni's lies to the world and Ugandans.

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