Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I spent the whole day mulling over whether to make a statement on the 17 dead bodies which were recovered from the beaches of Lake Victoria in Uganda or not.  People kept asking me what my take is on it.  Here you go.

1) Dictator Museveni said very clearly that he would crash the opposition.  The video is one of the ones at the end of this post.  He also said that those who mess around with NRM put their fingers in the anus of a leopard and would pay.

2) Many youth who support opposition have been arrested and held incommunicado.  We communicate this information timely to the world and Uganda. You have also seen the pictures of youth languishing in Luzira prison.

3) Christopher Aine was arrested in broad daylight by the State Operatives who keep saying they do not have him and yet has not been near his friends, colleagues or family.  Social Media is buzzing with him being tortured to death and dumped on the beach at Entebbe. He was the head of security for opposition leader #Mbabazi (aka #JPAM).  We await word from Mbabazi.  You will remember that after the State sponsored "Crime Preventers" attacked Mbabazi while on a rally in Ntungamo, they got beat up pretty good. Oh yeah, power to the people.  It was after this incident that Museveni while in Mbale (my home town) mentioned the leopard.

4) Museveni has said publicly that he will not leave power. To wolves.  And absolutely not leave his Oil behind.  Are you paying attention?  The production for oil will not start until 2022. Consequently, even if you vote for him in February 2016, there is no guarantee that he will step down in 2021 because of his oil which he himself found.  Damn!  I wish my father had found his oil too.

5) The opposition leaders need to make a decision and make it now.  Stop all rallies. Sue the Electoral Commission and government of Uganda for rigging the elections via intimidation, torture, kidnappings and murder of opposition supporters. 

You make a very big mistake not to initiate this lawsuit immediately.  You shall have no recourse if you are rigged out of the 2016 elections.  You have enough circumstantial evidence to begin this process.  Why do you wait?  You even have your supporters missing and you wait?  WHY?

6) All the opposition leaders need to put measures of security in place to protect their supporters. 

Our youth are not punching bags.  Our youth are being arrested and tortured.  What risk planning did you do for these arrests and murders?  Nothing from the way it looks.  You will now face your supporters abandoning you and joining the Museveni team. Simply for fear of their lives and the lives of their families plus income.  Imagine yourself with a family with no money to support them and living your life in fear of being arrested or kidnapped.  You people are not even serious.  It is one thing to say "I will die for a cause" and another to say "I am protected and my family has a roof over their head and food".

7) The ongoing intimidations, arrests, tortures and murders are only the beginning.  If you do not stand up now and act, you will regret it. We have 40 days left till the polls.  Do not say you were not warned.  Many have warned.  ACT.  #MuseveniMustGo. #KayihuraMustGo. #ArrestsMustEnd. #IntimidationMustEnd. #NoMoreKillingsOfUgandans.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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