Thursday, December 31, 2015


Here are reasons why we must do this asap.

1) People are being arrested or kidnapped in the night.

2) Some are taken in broad day light.

3) It is very hard to get people out of the hands of the kidnappers. More so when the police deny even arresting a person in daylight in front of cameras.

Neighbourhood watch in Canada and USA means all the neighbours watch out for each other day and night. Upon noticing anyone suspicious, they call the police. In Uganda, good luck with your police.

Ugandan opposition has to approach this differently. 

The P10 by FDC has to think and look beyond protecting the votes.  People are vanishing daily so opposition must immediately address this.

My suggestion is for you to have a schedule of 8hrs. Volunteers.  Money will not help.  So you will have 3 shifts per day. Each person on each shift sounds an alarm when they see the goons coming. The alarm wakes up everyone. Then all the people show up. This is a numbers game. And never think of having one or two people on each shift. The country has many unemployed people so do it in numbers, day or night.  When the alarm is sounded by the shift watchers and all the village comes out, these goons will stop taking our people. Your people need to have pangas, big sticks, etc.. If any crime preventers show up with guns, you know what to do.

I am aware that this post is being read by opposition and government. I am not inciting. Hell no way.  Just thinking of all those dead bodies. No more. You can make a difference. Let the goons face the wrath in every community and village.

Keep your phones on. Take all the pictures and videos you can safely take. Send them to all your activist contacts. We will show the world.

I thank you. We all thank you.  Without your help, we cannot help you or change Uganda.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital is a death trap

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