Thursday, November 26, 2015


I personally disagree with those saying women are weak or inferior! My mother is a single mother and if she was weak she would not have raised 5 strong boys like me. I have sisters who are strong and ambitious and I know it is the strength of my mother and the empowerment that my father gave her which enabled her to ;

Believe in herself, because she is empowered she has gained respect and admiration from the community! The truth is we African men fear empowered women, women are not weak, we are weak because we are scared of their greatness when they are empowered.

For those who still don't believe it, try your own practical research with your family, see how much more u will achieve if you treat a woman with respect and include you. After all half of the men who suffer violence instigate these violence.

I urge you to stop arguing behind your office desk while feeling good about yourself or on your phone, go to the village, to the hospital and see those women really affected, and if you still insist then your thinking is the first form of violence we should fight.

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