Sunday, November 29, 2015


We can blame #Museveni for many things in Uganda. Yes. However, it is still rather shocking to see how the most desperate unemployed Ugandans refuse to help themselves.

In the Facebook group Job Seekers Uganda, I see many reasons why some people do not get jobs. 

1) Main Admin posts a job with the web link. No one clicks on the link (jobs are mostly now online, hello!). Or 1-2 people comment with their phone numbers (are you crazy? The poster is not the one hiring).

2) Someone posts a job saying come to this location to apply.  Exactly what are you thinking by commenting with your moble ngu "I need this job, call me".

3) I posted that I would send sample copies of CV and Cover letter. You can find that one. It said that one had to send an email request to my email. Over 40 people commented on the post ngu "here is my email". As if I read comments and extract emails and send them to the person who handles my emails. Get serious.

4) Please read. Read. Follow the instructions in all you see. Read the entire post or article. Yes Museveni has nepotism in government jobs but so many private companies are hiring.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
From Bududa District in Uganda

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