Saturday, November 28, 2015


Martha Nangalama a well  known blogger and investigator has published a story written by allafrica.con an on line investigative journal, that could send chills on the people of Uganda. What their investigations concerning the slaughter of 12 muslim Clerics was revealed by FADDU, as the killings took place. These were targeted political assassinations by the government of Uganda. Museveni has used extra judicial killings and blamed different groups or rebels. Span specifically challenged the Museveni government to come clean and let professional forensic team take over the investigations. The shells that were found at crime scene were of military assault rifles and the government can easily identify which barracks those bullets came from. Kayihura took possessions of those shells but has kept quiet about such evidences. Span also accused the NRM regime of bombing its citizens while watching soccer in 2011 and as the case was progressing in the court Museveni appointed the presiding judge to a higher position which made him leave the case and right now the case is back to where it started. Recently presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi openly stated that if Museveni does not stop terrorizing his supporters, he will reveal government secretes which he swore to uphold. The public has a right to know what secretes are there that JPAM knows. Ugandans must wake up and fight to remove Museveni and bring him to justice while still alive. As i always say, a government that came to power through killing people, will always kill in order to stay in power. May their souls Rest In Peace!!

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