Thursday, November 19, 2015


Winston Churchill probably rolls in his grave (RIP) for calling Uganda The Pearl of Africa. It once was and could become it once more but let us stop fooling ourselves. The country has gone to the dogs.

There are many of us who are telling the world about the suffering of our people.  We sure hope you listen. Frankly if you do not, we cannot blame you because even those living under the harsh conditions do not seem to see this. Some. Not all.

1) Uganda has a graduate unemployment rate of 84- 95%.

2) There is no medicine in any of the public hospitals. You can always get the medicine in the private hospitals or fly out of the country. Pivatisation of health care under Dictator Museveni has been achieved.

3) We have free public education for primary and secondary. Called UPE and USE.  Sometimes called Bona Basilwale.  You can judge that free education by reading the comments on this article on Facebook. It will be priceless.

4) This country has demonstrations weekly or daily. The main reason is abantu bakoowu nyo.  Brush up on your Luganda.

5) The country has military trucks with tear gas on every block. God forbid that you get shot (well ask those journalists who get bullets) and you run to one of these trucks for help. You might not like the fact that you asked for help.

6) The roads are awesome. In fact they flood during the rains. Now with El Nino, we are enjoying watching clips of vehicles going into the water.  On the other hand, Pope Francis is coming so you can be sure our Novenas will halt the rains for 3 days.  Can I get an Amen now!  Hallelujah praise the Lord. Kampala will not flood.  But just have plan B. A canoe.

7) You all just wait. Better go to Namugongo and ask for mercy. December and January will be hard months. Main reason...not many will pay attention to the turbulence in Uganda.

Fellow Freedom Fighters.  The above sounds bleak. It is meant for all of us to see what is at hand. Let us keep sharing what we know or what we think. The people on the ground are doing some work. We need to encourage them and encourage each other.  We will feel isolation, get attacked, face daily threats and challenges but our mission is very clear.

For God and Our Country
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Watch "Mutabazi Gets Revenged Upon By His Constituents" on YouTube -

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