Thursday, November 26, 2015


This was posted by Mukiibi in whatsap groups. There have been some news articles about the growing rift though.  Anyway, let them fight among themselves.  The rest of us have minor issues like arrests, kidnappings, murders, no medical care, baatardized education, feeding 10 million mal nourished people, 83-95% unemployment, etc..just minor.
Our sources have it that when Gen Kayihura fell sick two weeks back, Most of the state devious plans on opposition politicians stalled which annoyed Mr Makumbi very much. These days, Makumbi trusts very few individuals as most people around him don't support his actions.
Kayihura's state of health is not in good shape and the Gen needs serious prayers. It was upon this background that Makumbi decided to use Tumukunde to coordinate his devious activities which Kayihura was doing earlier. In fact, plans are underway to have the entire coordination of Crime Preventers or most accurately crime promoters under Tumukunde.
On learning about the developments, Kayihura who was hospitalized in South Africa, opted to come back after taking strong medicines which were against the doctors' prescription.
Kayihura has since then been fighting Tumukunde including instructing him publicly to stop sabotaging Mbabazi's rallies or else to arrest him. The rift has now deepened. Tumukunde has paid millions of money to various media outlets through Don Wanyama to expose Kayihura's mischievous achievements and team has already embarked on the mission.
Its now evident that Makumbi has developed strong trust in Tumukunde. The direction and significance of this rift on Makumbi's bid is uncertain.

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