Friday, November 20, 2015


Are Ugandan youth political pawns or social agents?
Ideally the youth who are the majority in Uganda according to the demography seems to be mere spectators in chatting the way for shaping the future of the country. The old questions still continues to bedevil the youth “when will the goat be strong enough to kill a leopard? “Do we want to make the answer to this old question to remain just a proverb or a rhetorical question? because a generation of confused youths have allowed themselves to be mere pawns on the political chess board in our country.
Its inexcusable to our fore fathers who fought tooth and nail for our independence to discover in their graves that we are kneeling on our knees to ask for handouts and yet we are more schooled than them.
This unbecoming degradation of the generation does not just defie logic but also philosophy and its inexcusable, that the youth have cowed down to all manners of affliction, from harassment, corruption, intimidation and exploitation by the old guards. With all these humiliations the youth without any modicum of shame still continue to allow themselves to be used as an object of public ridicule by desperate politicians who are on their way to public odium.
To all incongruous and venial youths, like the crime preventers, NRM poor youth and whole brigades of all manners, smell the coffee beans and rise up above tokenism have we sold our conscience and constituted ourselves as crass supporters of impunity.
Stupidity is when we blame our past leaders for dumping us in this hell hole we found ourselves,
It is an unmitigated irony that the same political class who are responsible for widening the inequality gap in the country are the ones we have allowed to always toss us around like the devil’s mail bag.
Money that can't take our generations out from poverty,such a shame, again I reiterate wake up and smell more coffee beans. Most of our youths are ready to sell their rights for little as a meal ticket. They're gullible, materialistic, and won't even at gun point, call a spade, a spade. They'll defend even the devil himself provided he's their kinsman. Such a pity considering our supposed level of education. We must learn to rise above pettiness!
The other day Evelyn Anite allowed herself to turn into a member of the old guards by kneeling before a old and tired leader. How do you join a generation that is not yours and negatively influence many?. I know you must have come a cross this common philosophy that for every generation on this planet, has its own mission. It either destroys or works towards achieving the same.
I hope we stay clear of some tainted old guards and avoid being manipulated by a collapsing regime.
Descending into the arena and concentrating on pleasing an individual will not help, It would have helped if the personality you intend to protect is protect able but many of them lack the moral standing.
Now that Anite schemes of popularity rewarded her with the opposite and recently her electorates rejected her, so the question is do you also want to fall in this category of foolishness?.
To conclude, I sign off with these quote” What the mentally strong understand that the weak do not is that change is inevitable. Trying to avoid change is pointless. Therefore, trying to avoid the inevitable is pointless; its a mere waste of time and energy”. Become change agents before we get wiped out by greedy old guards.
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