Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

No city for Jinja with Opposition - says Museveni handler Mike Mukula.…/68…/2970238/-/6abhui/-/index.html


Museveni and his spin doctors have become Political Comedians - pure waste of Political Space.

Museveni has numerously told Ugandans that they will the government will not provide essential services, like hospitals, schools and roads, if they, the People vote for the opposition.

And now, one of Museveni's 'barking dogs' - Mike Mukula (the very one who as state minister for health was embroiled in the Gavi funds scandals) has told the people of Jinja that if they vote for an opposition politician - Mr Kezaala as Mayor, then the Museveni government will deny them the much talked about 'City' status.

What jokers... What Comedians these Museveni lot!

Really? Is this how a modern government is rum - providing essential development only to those parts of the country who vote for the ruling party?

Isn't this utter madness of blackmailing and ' holding a nation's citizens hostage' so that they do not vote for change, even when they are totally fed up and disgusted with the status quo?

Ha ha ha, the People of Jinja and the whole of Uganda must not allow this cynical and primitive blackmail.

The People are no longer asleep Mr Museveni. They are fully awake to these dirty monkey tricks.

This time round, the People are saying to Museveni, and to his politically stale and rotten band of loyal cadres, like Mike Mukula, Kale Kayihura and Badru Kigundu - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - your political journey in Uganda has come to an END.

You try any dirty tricks on the nation, and you are gone forever/ You try to force you continued stay in power, and the People will force you out.

The Struggle for a Museveni-Free Uganda is on.…/…/2970238/-/6abhui/-/index.htmlMU

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