Sunday, November 29, 2015


Museveni cannot run away from his thirty plus years of record. This man has destroyed our nation. Schools are now demanding parents to bring firewoods with children when they go back to school, what type of a government are you talking about?

A man who is sure of yourself that Museveni will win but you are not in support of displaying the registry. Here is the reason why EC cannot release it. If the registry is released, the opposition will know how many voters are in each district or area. Example if Wakiso district had 345 registered voters, you expect 345 votes from that area not more. But if people have no idea of how many registered voters in an area, EC can increase the total votes to 1000 or inflate the voters for a particular candidate. It will be practically impossible for M7 to rig because EC will be asked to explain additional votes in that area. But without knowing how many voters are in an area, it plays in Museveni's favor. Opposition should demand EC to display the voters registry now.

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