Thursday, November 19, 2015


MUSEVENI is spinning. Wake up Uganda.  Wake up World!

It is so sad that the father of the late Noble Mayombo, Mzee James Rwabwoni passed on without knowing the contents of the investigation report that may have had answers as to why his son died. The young brother of Noble Mayombo, Okwir Rwabwoni is on record saying that Museveni never revealed the contents of the report to the family. Museveni while campaigning in Northern Uganda, was asked to comment on JPAM's request for the release of the investigation report and Museveni said that he had discussed the out come of the report with Mayombo's family. When contacted to confirm Museveni's response, Okwir Rwabwoni said No comment he was in a meeting. According to observer news paper that interviewed Okwir, he told the news paper that his brother was served with tea while at his office on April 26th, 2007 and it was after that cup of tea that his brother started developing stomach complications. He also alleged that a friend from Israel had offered to fly him to Israel with a plane equipped with medical doctors but the government's red tapes delayed the preparations for Mayombo to fly out. Museveni offered his presidential jet to fly Mayombo to Nairobi Aga-Khan hospital when it was too late. While at the Aga-Khan hospital, Mayombo was hooked on a dialysis machine to filter his blood and Mayombo was getting better when suddenly the machine stopped to function. He went on to say that while his brother was in the hospital in Nairobi, Museveni sent a contingent of UPDF security personnel to Aga-Khan for reasons unknown. Why would Museveni send a contingent of UPDF to Nairobi while when his daughter was flown to Germany and no UPDF personnel escorted her? Museveni has said that he will release the report if Mayombo's family requests him to do so but one of the main figure of the family said no comment. Those that want to keep on Kubonga with Museveni stay warned because you will end up Kubonga with him in a very lonely direction.

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