Tuesday, November 24, 2015


How can Museveni expect the country to be developing when in fact he has no idea of what developing a country is all about? One of the indicators of a developing country is the cost of living. Ugandans  are worse off today than they're 30 years ago. He has been in government since 1968 so he tells us but recently he was surprised to see that parliament is too small to accommodate the 400 members of parliamentarians plus their staff. Parliament originally was built to accommodate 90 people but when Kenyatta came to address parliament that is when he realized that  the place is too small. For the last 30 years he has been giving his mock state of the nation in the same building but he has never realized how small the place is. He is the one creating bogus districts to increase the size of parliament and now come 2016 the number will jump from 350 plus to 400 hundred members due to newly created districts. He spent billions of shillings constructing a parking space for MPs to park their vehicles but he like the majority of sleeping MPs never realized that they needed a bigger building than a fancy parking lot. How can these people really be working for the welfare of their people when their vehicles become first priority? I challenge any Museveni supporter to point out what NRM government has done to improve the life of an ordinary Ugandan. He said that he removed term limits so he can fight Kony but at the time he told us otherwise.  He told us that continuance of one regime in power is better for development and gave an example of Israel but he forgot to mention that Israel has strong institutions and their government is not a one man's show. Its way past time for his removal.

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