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Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

Museveni’s hand of death is responsible for millions of deaths in Uganda and East and Central African regions. The spirits of the dead will not rest until they have avenged the Museveni betrayal RABBA NAGA.

On 27th November 2015 Rabba Naga, the senior liberation struggle activist who is operating from within the Museveni regime, posted the following article on his Facebook page.

In the article, Rabba details the blood-cuddling facts about Museveni’s hand of death in Uganda and the East and central African regions. In Uganda alone, 3 million have perished in the 30 years of Museveni rule. In all these deaths, writes Rabba Naga, the only CONSTANT is the MUSEVENI HAND.

RABBA NAGA ARTICLE (27/11/2015):


This morning I read, in utter consternation a fellow posting gruesome photos of the people who were killed in Luweero in the 80s. And I read posts of people being moved with emotions and writing RIPs. This must stop. Museveni and your people don’t abuse the memory of our people.

Whereas we lost 500,000 in that war in Luweero, the camps alone in the north took over a million dead. The children of those Luweero war dead have since been killed in Museveni wars, in his pandagari operations, in his regional wars, in his clamp-downs of walk to work, in his ruthless murders of the survivors!

The Kazinis, the Chef Alis, the Lumumbas, the Mutebis, the Mayombos the Cpt Lutwama who was murdered in cold blood in Kireka at the hands of Muhozi / Kayihura sent thugs, the THOUSANDS OF OUR GALLANT SOLDIERS WHO SUCCUMBED TO AIDS DUE LACK OF ADEQUATE CARE AND ABUSE BY SUBJECTING THEM TO UNNECESSARY FIGHTING, WITH NO MEDICAL CARE, and you always hear Museveni talking about it with GLEE!

Yes Aids was a real problem, but with a regime that cared, we would have lost less.

I was finding out the death rates in the Kenyan and Tanzanian armies who had no wars and better medical care, the ratio of death was 1 to 5! Incredible, where Kenya lost one soldier to Aids, Uganda lost 5!

The people of Uganda and in East African region who have died in the 30 years of Museveni rule are more than those we lost in the last 200 years. 4 million dead in Congo, 2 million dead in Rwanda, 5 million dead in Sudan, 3 million dead in Uganda.

I will post the break down in my subsequent post and you will all be shocked. In all these deaths, the only CONSTANT is the MUSEVENI HAND.

Why does he do these things? Because he thinks in his crazy mind that he is supposed to be an emperor, and followed by his kith and kin. He didn’t know that it would never be.

First, Kagame crushed it when he rejected the Museveni domination and defeated him as we all know, then Garang rejected it he died you all know, but even then Machar and Rebecca Garang rejected it too, Mzee Moi rejected it and for the first time Uganda and Kenya fought at our boarder in1987.

Of course you all know how Jakaya Kikwete rejected this Museveni expansionism through his sham FAST TRACKING OF EAST AFRICAN INTERGRATION, where he wanted a hurried federation led by him and where the people of East Africa had no say in its creation, and Tanzania, Burundi, even Rwanda, rejected this because they saw what was driving it, the MUSEVENI MEGALOMANIA.

SO MUSEVENI THROUGH HIS EXPANSIONIST POLICY IS EVEN DESTROYING THE UNIFICATION OF EAST AFRICAN DREAM. He sings about it just as he sings about democracy which he never practices.

It is this duplicity that has caused so much bitterness in Uganda, so much war in the region, just look at it this way, IN THE 30 YEARS OF MUSEVENI RULE, MUSEVENI HAS FOUGHT 19 MAJOR INSURGENCIES,19! And like that of Kony and ADF, and elements of NALU are still raging, albeit from neighbouring countries, but still our children are dying there, our money and resources still being wasted there, etc.

For how long must this be allowed to go on?


I started this post with a warning against all those who want to use our Luweero dead in their foolish power games, but I need to be more categorical here.
I will not call upon those dead to rest in peace, noooo!


So Ugandans, stop this business of telling your dead to rest, they should too fight this dictatorship, not corruption, but a sick looting spree, this injustice, this poverty, this domination of a small clique over our people, these deaths and sicknesses and helplessness, this general unhappiness, sad situation of unending wars where our children have perished for 30 years, etc etc.
GOD bless the struggle.

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