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A friend tagged me in this one and I thank that friend.  The outrageous fashion in which our elected leaders waste our tax money and all donor funds needs to be condemned by all Ugandans who still have not gotten accute stomach pains AND the funders who keep giving money to our dictator. History will judge you for supporting a despotic dictator and giving us money we cannot account for. Insane just.

Thank my dear sister or brother lets talk the truth how many ministers do you and what have they done for example its busoga region ranked the poorest in Uganda even karamojong are better of as compared to you jusr follow the records jiggers at this error why and how?
2. mukono was part of bosoga what happen where you fine njeru is part of mukono and other side is jinja why if you think your ministers are doing work and they are developing the areas.
3.when obote as president had aplan to industrialize jinja and make it city today its not even made as SST or history for Uganda but before that it was question and the answer was known to the pupils today its an error and yet you have ministers.
4.check villages in buyende , kaliro, kamuli where third citizen of Uganda comes from and assess yo weza speaker comes from those areas you will wonder whether speaker comes from those areas how does it benefit the common person in luuka and buyende is what Dr Meant not what you are imagining.
5 . Are you aware that services are more important than ministers you clam to be example check budadiri where Nathan mafambi comes from and mbale sub region they fought in there opposition to get the cooperative back go to any university find out the number of enrollment of GISHU who are sponsored by the bugishu cooperative society every year they send 500 hundreds to university on scholarship base where is that done in busoga since you have minsters have you accessed state house scholarship?..
6.find out where HAJ muzee kivejinja comes from and what has he done for the people near him as the minster now back again may be reach to him and tell you about busoga.
Last but not least move around your districts and asses the places where opposition has leaders and make comparison you will regret why you are still on the bus which has been taken engine and the key together .
I do advice you to caution your father to tell you about busoga very well otherwise you will be wasting time thinking you know better without know its only the family of Haji benefiting on behalf of the region.
Suffering is not made but you choose to suffer when even opportunities to come out exist around you like change which is at hand.
DR kizza is not God but he will try to address some issues to resettle the situation and make you recognize for good not for jiggers.
conclusion therefore are you happy in the state you are and not summarize reading and wake up, does it to mean there are not people experience in Busoga which made museveni to bring the old man back in your on word can your father of 80 years become local council in your village if so then all the village men are too old and they are tired.
Thanks for listening
Uganda hard talk
14 hrs
Besigye we can not eat ministers as basoga but they are of great purpose
I would like to have a say on the story published in the observer on 18th/11/2015 by Deo Walusimbi titled ‘You cannot eat ministers’. Sometimes I wonder how and why several politicians don’t filter their words before they air them out to their audiences because some utterances they make are at times totally not important for we people who listen to them for instance the utterances that Col.Kiiza Besigye made while in Kamuli and Buyende.
I couldn’t believe it at the first instance when I heard Dr.Kiiza a person who is learnt to say that ministers are of no use to the people of Busoga,first and foremost doesn’t Besigye see that areas where there are ministers are even more developed than those without and it’s the reason areas with only opposition are lagging behind because they are always against developments. He went ahead and told the people of Kamuli that kivejinja is too old to be a minister and now my question goes that why is he vying for presidency again and again if he is the kind of a person who believes in good leadership that is based on democracy and leaving power to the young generation. The west has got a very good number of ministers and the been lacking that especially Busoga but when the president availed us with the third deputy prime minister you again alarming instead of celebrating together with the people of Busoga and congratulating them upon the appointment they got .
In your speech again you established how ministers are fattening with money from state house and doing nothing but sincerely Busoga has always been having ministers who have worked for the nation like Asuman Kiyingi,Aggrey Bagiire,Lukia Isanga Nakadama and many more who have done ood for their communities they represent and the country at large. I may sound rude but it was very bad to hear such statements from a person like you and that just meant that you don’t wish good for Busoga if you can even utter

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