Friday, November 20, 2015


Most of you know that I am an Admin on numerous Facebook accounts for Uganda. I frankly even have no idea how many.  Take this like a business.  "The best way to reward your high performers is to sack the non performers".

Social Media is like business.  You want to retain the contributors.  So for the life of me, I keep asking why a non contributor who only criticises is allowed to be in the same group.  Because what eventually happens is the contributors leave after blatant attacks and abuses.. You end up retaining the worthless.

In reality the people who contribute substance to your group likely have their own groups or can take away your followers.  Admins must keep this in mind.  I was trashed on many Ugandan groups. I walked away. The people who follow me found me. 

In November 2014 after some FB groups allowed people to attack me, sometimes with the Admins joining in, I walked away.  Alex found me and asked if I could be an admin on his group. Kid is so smart it is incredible.

We Speak For The Nation (Uganda) was 2750 people a year ago. It is now a cool 60,861 members.  Mind you we have over 3000 banned.  Do the Maths on this.  Retain the contributors. Ditch the abusers.  OR else, I will take your followers away.  You can kick me out of your sectarian groups or allow monkey eaters to abuse me but in the end, people want information which matters. I deliver. Many of the people I follow do deliver.  Social Media is meant for meaningful relationships and global networking.  You make a very big mistake to think it is just for dissing people.

Martha Leah Nangalama
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Some 7+ years with Social Media.
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