Monday, November 23, 2015


You should see the look on my face as I write this.

1) Hardly any Social Activists reply to your inboxes on Facebook.  So stop inboxing them. I only reply because I think someone is dying.  I do not want you to know what I am having for breakfast at 1am my time. Shimulini ni tsisambo tta.
2) Not many are on whatsap groups.  So when you see some on whatsap, do not abuse them with your kachupuli phone. Otherwise we will leave your groups and you will have to buy MBs to find us.  Kayihura will not help you with this one.
3) Direct messages (inbox on FB or private on whatsap) is for emergency or people you are close to.  I do not know you.  So why is it at 2am you send me a message like TSUP SWIRI?  People accept your friend requests because so many post their messages as Private, not Public.  I post as Public.  This does not make you my next best friend.
4) Abusing the poster or Admin of a group can get you banned and blocked.  Stop using Social Media to attack and abuse.
5) If you are incapable of reading a post from someone (maybe you have no MBs), do not comment.  It makes you look like an idiot commenting without reading the entire post.
6) You do not like me? I feel so hurt.  Who told you your opinion of me means anything?  This is a very simple thing to deal with.  You do not like the person, then stop reading what they post.  In fact, block them.  Or ignore them.  Or just plain go eat libunzye.
7) The International language of commerce is Lumasaba. If you do not speak it, tsya ulye libunzye likali naabi undekhe.  Nebusa kene ingukhupe bifusi ni tsimi.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Bududa Central
AND IF YOU DO not know where Bududa is, get adopted by my uncle Google.

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