Friday, November 20, 2015


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.  I think he is the brother to Span.

General Sejusa’s Latest Guidance to anti-Museveni Political Forces - organise REAR GUARD ACTION GROUPS.

According to Rabba Naga, the top freedom struggle activist operating from inside the Museveni regime, when he recently met General Sejusa, the general warned Ugandans not to take anything for granted, and to, accordingly, prepare for any eventuality by building resistance capacity right across Uganda in a manner make it impossible for Museveni to forcefully remain in power as he has always done through the nearly 30 years of his dictatorship.

Here is Rabba Naga’s latest post on his Facebook page:


Am happy to note the cooling of tempers between the Mbabazi and Besigye supporters and the sobering up of the candidates themselves.

This is a message from Gen Sejjusa which I was due to publish next week in my series but is too important to wait


He has been to several places where Besigye and Mbabazi have been, only to find a vacuum, a lack of what he calls A REAR GUARD ACTION GROUP:

He says just as candidates send or initiate residents to be Advance groups to prepare for candidates rallies, there must be groups left behind to organise cells of resistance/leaders of people to organise vote guarders, or in the eventuality of action requirement, groups ready to take orders. For example the Besigye power 10 must be real, and Mbabazi, Biraro, Kyalya etc. all get on board on this.

This should be victory of all except Museveni.
And that Mabiriizi must stop attacking other opposition candidates unless he is working for NRM like Jimmy Akena who has no sense of strength and weakness! How can one ally with a collapsing side?

Anyway form these groups, AND THESE MUST BE BOTH COVERT AND OVERT.

NOW GO TO WORK NOW: each inform your respective camps.

Rear guard groups can be built. Those crime preventers are ours too. Sejjusa has been emphasizing the matter of ‘DEFINING THE ENENY AS A KEY IDELOGICAL COMPONENT OF THE STRUGGLE'. WHO IS YOUR ENEMY?

Definitely not crime preventers, we need to put them on our side. They too sleep hungry, their wives die in child birth etc.

Secondly, it is being done in Besigye camp in some areas. That is why the General talked of both OVERT AND COVERT.
Covert means secret.

Also learn from what happened during the NRM primaries. The people built capacity and resisted.
So yes, it is possible and we must do it.

And about Museveni’s Vote Rigging Antics?
Don’t worry about the vote being rigged, Museveni already rigged it through rigging the process.

So let us concentrate on building the resistance capacity.

CONCENTRATE ON BUILDING CAPACITY FOR A PEOPLE ACTION. Its application will depend on the situation as it develops.


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