Monday, November 30, 2015


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

General David Sejusa, the Free Uganda Chairman, also Coordinator of Platform to Rescue Uganda never minces his words, as he fearlessly exposes the injustices committed by the Museveni regime.

As one of the article's readers has put it - "Those with ears and eyes should listen and be watchful. Gen. Sejusa knows what he is talking about."

Another reader writes - "To read such intelligent and honest reasoning from a person who for a long time it is reasonable to assume has been held captive by a wicked system... I do not think I have read a more eloquent interview with someone so easily and effortlessly giving answers that would make sense anytime of day.

General Sejusa himself says this of the current phase of the struggle: "I built and continue building capacity to make sure that this election is not cheated. At a certain point, we shall defy whoever breaks the law and the accomplices. That is all we lay claim to; we are not bad citizens of this country.

General Sejusa's Observer Interview is a must read.

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