Thursday, November 26, 2015


I hope the opposition are listening to Gen. Sejusa.  Not once has he been wrong.  He has been mocked a lot but now you all know he was right in the first place.  Ugandans have to remember that the people who know Museveni the most are the ones who are working together to uproot him since his dictatorship cannot last forever given the suffering in the country.

The following was sent to me by Dr. Vincent Magombe whom you have now come to know as he sends me many messages to share.  Watch this.

Guidance from Free Uganda Chairman, General David Sejusa on coordinating with all groups involved in the struggle.
Free Uganda’s emphasis in the on-going freedom struggle is to build the capacity of the People of Uganda to resist vote-rigging, killings and the capture of power by Museveni through force, as he has been doing through the years.
My guidance at this critical juncture in our country’s history is that Free Uganda will work with and support all groups involved in the struggle, but our emphasis is on building capacity to resist the dictatorship.
And, just as we have been doing in this patriotic endeavour, we shall continue to guide, coordinate, share capacity, etc., with any group fighting for freedom.
For God and My Country.

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