Sunday, November 29, 2015


The Electoral Commission in Uganda is partisan. Not only does it allow harassment of opposition but it keeps changing the rules of the game to prevent any new up comers to join parliament.  Some 2 months ago they upped the nomination fees. Oh dear Lord please save us. For example a presidential aspirant has to pay sh. 20 million instead of the previous sh. 8 million.  But they think we flanked Maths.  The commission has to give each presidential aspirant sh. 20 million.  Some of us had calculated a profit on this. You pay sh. 8 million. You get sh. 20 million. Net profit being sh. 12 million if you did not borrow. But if you borrowed it and say you paid sh.2 million of interest, you still net sh. 10 million.

They clued in.  Now it id a zero sum game.  But the reality is to make it extremely hard for any new comers. Meaning the status quo remains.

They better not sit pretty. We will demand for change come hell or high water.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Bududa, Uganda

The following is verbatim from Uganda

Walid shared this on whatsap.
The day is tomorrow, time, 9am at TWEED TOWERS, Nakasero. The Constitutional Petition against the increment of Parliamentary nomination fees will have its 3rd hearing and our prayer will be that we are granted a temporary injunction to stop EC from asking proof of payment from would be nominated candidates. Lets be there in numbers. Mobilise your peers and friends to be there.

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