Monday, November 23, 2015

Dr. Milton Obote (Rip) once said #Museveni only tells the truth by accident.

Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

Museveni, the perenial liar - says he will respect the constitution on age-limits and will not change it to ensure a lLife Presidency.

Wowooo... And we are meant to take his word, this time round?

What did he say in 1986 about African leaders who stay long in office - he said they are Africa's biggest problem. And how long has Museveni stayed in power? Nearly 30 years.

And what did he do the constitution in reagrd to term limits?

He raped the Constitution of Uganda, in broad day light, and took away term limits, so that he could extend his stay in power for much much longer.

So are we to trust his word agan after all the monkey tricks and egocentric game plays?

NO NO NO... It will not happen this time round. The People of Uganda are fully awake and totally determined to see the back of Mr Museveni, the incurable Liar.

Dr Kizza Besigye brought it all to life in Sironko Mbale where he has been welcomed like a true hero. See the NTV broadcast below:

The Struggle against Musevenii Lies and Constitutional Rape Continues unabated.

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