Sunday, November 29, 2015


Here is a post from someone some Ugandans love to hate. Frank Gashumba. Love him or hate him but he minces no words. Great. We need more of him.

President Museveni should allow my cows to graze from Entebbe Airport basing on the bushes and ponds we saw at the airport while the pope's jet taxed in on Friday. We were embarrassed beyond repair. If you compare the Jomo Kenyatta airport and the Entebbe Airport there is such a remarkable difference. It looked like the pope had landed at a shrine deep in Bundibugyo. Every day that passes God reveals to us how these vampires have destroyed our mother country Uganda. That's why I agree with Dr.Besigye that there is an urgent need to bring back our country. An airport that was constructed by colonialists and Iddi Amin surprisingly this Government can't maintain it yet every car that goes to the airport pays shs2000. This is in exception of the other airport taxes we pay them. Apart from the stone age airport which has got people's luggage getting lost. When I say this country is dead some NRM sycophants go up in arms and villagers trending in their ignorance follow suit. Instead of responding toy message they respond to the individual Gashumba. Kindly don't respond to this post if you have never been to an international airport. Village mindsets should not discuss global matters.

If there is any discussion that's got to do with taxi parks, obutale bwo omubulo and boda bodas there will be an opportunity for you to expose your little exposure. Yes we must pray for our country and we must fight and bring back our country. Plus I'm dedicating the next to three weeks to examining the pope's visit and may the good Lord bless our Pope.

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