Saturday, November 21, 2015


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

EXPOSED - Museveni's hooligans and bootlickers, including a one Captain Martha Asiimwe - the Mbarara Resident District Commissioner, who are involved in gross violations of electoral laws on Museveni's direct orders.
(By Free Uganda State Crimes Investigations Unit)


So what will the Electoral Commission do about it? Are they going to cause the arrest of this Museveni fanatic Martha Asiimwe, who is rolling out billions of shillings in bribes to youths, veterans and boda boda riders to frustrate opposition campaigns in the SHAM ELECTIONS?

Doesn't the law explicitly bar candidates and their handlers from bribing voters?
How are Ugandans meant to agree with the results from these sham and already rigged elections, and how are we going to deal with this dishonourable, biased and much-hated Kigundu Electoral Commission?

It is obvious that the Martha Asiimwe's of this world are in their thousands, frantically and systemically doing Museveni's bidding across the whole country.

Captain Asiimwe has come into the limelight, only because some brave and patriotic citizens came forward to give witness to the savage Museveni evil deeds.

Ugandans, brace yourselves - Captain Martha Asiimwe and thousands of other personal emissaries of perennial elections rigger Museveni are at work in your very neighbourhood, and they will be at the heart of Museveni's elaborate plan to rig his way back to power in 2016.

The People of Uganda must do all in their power to rapture and sabotage this Museveni grand plot,

The way you defeat these absurd and evil deeds is by organizing REAR GUARD ACTION GROUPS and by , which the Free Uganda Chairman General Sejusa has suggested in his recent powerful communication to all anti-regime forces operating in the country.

This message was transmitted to Ugandans by Rabba Naga, the senior freedom struggle activist who is working from within the regime.

It is high time Mr. Museveni realized that the game is up - the end of his corrupt and repressive rule has come. The people will stop him in his tracks, and they will certainly find a way of dealing with the likes of Captain Martha Asiimwe.

The Struggle continues.

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