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From Mind Your Health Magazine. On this one, I beg you to share with any parent of an adolescent.
#Q: What can be the cause of chronic pimples in the face and how can they be treated. I say chronic because they are like boles and very painful. Even when they seem like going the spots are just really a problem. I need help doc

#A: Before we begin, inflammation is when one body part becomes red, swollen, painful and warm. The skin secretes and oily substance called sebum which oils it and keeps it waterproof.  The skin has openings called pores which allow sweat out.   

An Acne develops when sebum becomes trap in the pores of the skin and causes an inflammation. It is usually painful.
On the other hand, Pimples develop in same way as Acne but they are less painful. In other words, all Pimples are Acne but not all Acne are Pimples.

How to treat/prevent Pimples:
If you are a chronic sufferer of pimple or if you would like to seek professional help, see a dermatologist. Notwithstanding, some home remedies for pimples include:
- Salicylic Acid (Aspirin) for Pimples or Acne: Salicylic Acid (Aspirin) exfoliates your skin and clears the pores from being clogged. It is very useful for early
stages of pimples when blackheads are being formed. It is best used to PREVENT new pimples. Ground it and apply the paste to the face, do not overuse it. Or use facial products that contain Salicylic acid.
- Are you taking sufficient nutrients in your diet? If you hate vegetables or hardly eat any fruits, this might be the cause. Start to eat em' or learn to take vitamin pills in the morning, it helps!
Try to lessen milk consumption. Why? It's said that there IS a link between milk and acne. Cow's milk do contain hormones naturally. This hormones are responsible for pimples and acne. Lessen sugar intake. In short, sugar do cause pimples or worsen your acne condition.
-Are you sleeping enough? Enough sleep between 7-8 hrs/day is sufficient to help prevent pimples.
-Are you drinking enough?
No, not alcohol but just water and nothing else. Just buy or bring from home a bottle of mineral water to your work or classroom and drink it. I promise you it
will help your condition even more!
- Use ice to reduce the swelling and redness (inflammation). Lemon juice also helps dry up the pimples faster.

As for how to treat black spots on the face visit our official facebook for we have treated that in the past.

STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY (By Mind Your Health-MYH Magazine).

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