Sunday, November 22, 2015


A friend from Uganda sent me this one.
Sam Mugisha. As someone who needs 20-30 units of blood products daily when my TTP acts up, I think this brother is communicating a very important message.  I have not lived in Uganda for 28yrs because the healthcare is non existent. Please donate blood. You could save a life of a loved one or even mine.

If we had one million people to donate safe blood to use for transfusion, that implies that we would save 1,000,000 lives on assumption that each unit of blood is used to save one life. And if one life is worthy paying a tax of 100,000/= every month for a full year then we would have 1.2 trillions? My question is what can be done with that money to support Uganda? Have better salaries for teachers?, have better schools that are well equipped? Have medicines in hospitals? Or have a tractor for a few sub counties to support mechanization? What is your view? Why can't you part of the one million people who are able to donate free blood so that we have free blood transfuions to patients who in turn will be able to meet their taxi obligations through their purchasing power. Remember when we save them, we shelve our selves from meeting their taxi burden. The more people we save the more they pay the taxes and the taxes they pay the more and better services we receive. My question to you is how many more lives are meant to die for you to realise that you should change your attitude and you start to donate blood so that you can start donating blood to save lives. If you can't save lives for Ugandans then you can't save that of your clans men and women because they also live in Uganda and at one point they might be in need of this service. If you can't do that then your family is not safe because its part of your clan and if you can't do that for your family then you are also not safe because you, you wife and children that is if you have them anyway they are not also safe. So if you can't make your self safe or your child safe then you are lacking out on your social security. So who do you think should you that for you? If you can't secure your life then whose responsibility is it? Don't you think you have a problem whose solution is you to succumb to your non existence? !!!! Think right and act rightly.

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