Monday, November 30, 2015


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

General David Sejusa, the Free Uganda Chairman, also Coordinator of Platform to Rescue Uganda never minces his words, as he fearlessly exposes the injustices committed by the Museveni regime.

As one of the article's readers has put it - "Those with ears and eyes should listen and be watchful. Gen. Sejusa knows what he is talking about."

Another reader writes - "To read such intelligent and honest reasoning from a person who for a long time it is reasonable to assume has been held captive by a wicked system... I do not think I have read a more eloquent interview with someone so easily and effortlessly giving answers that would make sense anytime of day.

General Sejusa himself says this of the current phase of the struggle: "I built and continue building capacity to make sure that this election is not cheated. At a certain point, we shall defy whoever breaks the law and the accomplices. That is all we lay claim to; we are not bad citizens of this country.

General Sejusa's Observer Interview is a must read.


The Uganda shilling last traded at 3350 on the US dollar and 5044 on the pound. Nice improvement.

Gold is trading at $1067 an ounce.

Oil is trading at $41.58 a barrel. The chart looks a bit funny. I think the fall has stopped and we could see a rise from here with minor selling. Volume is thin though due to the long weekend in USA.

Martha Leah Nangalama


The opposition in Uganda has been warned many times by Dr. Vincent Magombe, Rabba Naga, Span and Gen. Sejusa.  You can have all the crowds in Kampala and the cities but you have to go down to the village level.  When Dictator Jarukanga #Museveni boasts of having rural support, it is because he sends people to villages to pay some sh. 5000 and the impoverished villagers think it is the best thing since mana last fell from heaven.  We need to reach these people.  We need to tell them that their votes are not for sale.  We need to make them understand that we are demanding for change to improve their living conditions and they need to join this struggle.  You may get sh. 5000 today from some NRM mobilizers but if you call next week that you need sh. 5 million to be admitted into Nakasero hospital (private by the way), we will ask why you sold your vote instead of demanding for medicine in Bududa Hospital (which has none, no electricity and no water).  Opposition has a job to do.  We have very little time left before the vote in 2016 to oust the dictator.  Use every minute to reach out to the 34-38 million Ugandans, not just the ones in the urban areas.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Bududa where our hospital is a death trap

Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe

Free Uganda Chairman and former coordinator of intelligence services, General David Sejusa, is now preaching coordination of all groups involved in the struggle to form what he calls “an army of free citizens”.
According to Sejusa, opposition must build the capacity of the People of Uganda to “resist vote-rigging, killings and the capture of power by President Yoweri Museveni through force”.
“My guidance at this critical juncture in our country’s history is that Free Uganda will work with and support all groups involved in the struggle, but our emphasis is on building capacity to resist the dictatorship,” Sejusa said in a short statement.
He added: “And, just as we have been doing in this patriotic endeavour, we shall continue to guide, coordinate, share capacity, etc., with any group fighting for freedom.”
In a statement issued by Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee, and Press Secretary FU, Sejusa calls upon opposition to encourage the people to organise themselves into “an Army of Free Citizens” saying “people and not individual political leaders, will resist Museveni vote rigging”.
Sejusa says opposition has managed to eclipse NRM in national election campaigns, with ordinary Ugandans rallying behind the two main opposition leaders, Dr. Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi in incredibly huge numbers, even in the remotest of villages.
He says the “ecstatic display of support for the opposition” has rendered Museveni extremely worried about the increasingly successful mobilization skills by the two main opposition presidential candidates, “so much so that he, (Museveni), is now openly and evidently putting in place elaborate plans to sabotage the outcome of the coming vote, scheduled to take place early in 2016”.
Millions of state-sponsored militias, backed up with tens of thousands of Special Forces Command troops, commanded by Museveni’s son Brigadier Muhoozi Kaneirugaba, says Sejusa, are being assembled and mobilized with the sole intent of helping to ensure that Museveni wins the elections, even when he will have been denied the support of the majority of Ugandan voters.
Museveni, according to the former spy, can only be defeated by an equally mobilized and effectively empowered citizenry, who must be prepared to proactively counter the rigging machinery, to the extent of rising up in a powerful People Power Revolt as necessary.
In this endeavour, Sejusa urged opposition leaders to play their part in mobilizing and the bring awareness to the masses in the cities, towns, and villages across Uganda, so that the Dictator is denied even the smallest drop of rigging opportunity, as has happened in past elections.
The “Army of Free Citizens” is based on what Sejusa calls the ‘Rear Guard Action Groups (RGAGs).
Rear Guard Action Groups are resistance cells in all parts of the country with the capacity to organise other citizens into ‘Vote Guarders’, but, in the eventuality of action requirement, to organise groups in readiness to take orders.
Sejusa is on record for saying the result of the 2011 presidential elections were doctored by special units of state intelligence at a secret location before being given to the Kiggundu Electoral Commission to declare.

He says it is imperative, therefore, for the opposition leaders to preach the gospel of liberation to the masses, who are now attending opposition rallies in their millions.

Sunday, November 29, 2015



Did the late Prime minister of UK know more about Museveni's activities during his FRONAS days? Many Ugandans particularly in the diaspora in 1980  supported Museveni's war against Obote and vigorously led a campaign to convince European governments to support Museveni. Some of them approached Margaret Thatcher to persuade her on supporting Museveni. She called those that had approached her as empty dreamers. She argued that Museveni was a dangerous man, a communist and an agent of the terrorist regimes and Museveni had terrorist tendencies towards his people. She cautioned Ugandans to be careful in their support of Museveni. Remember Idi Amin had done an independent investigation into the disappearances of prominent Ugandans among whom was the abduction of the Chief Magistrate Benedicto Kiwanuka. A copy of that investigation was handed over to the US embassy in Uganda. Did the UK government in 1980 know more about Museveni than meets the eye?


We can blame #Museveni for many things in Uganda. Yes. However, it is still rather shocking to see how the most desperate unemployed Ugandans refuse to help themselves.

In the Facebook group Job Seekers Uganda, I see many reasons why some people do not get jobs. 

1) Main Admin posts a job with the web link. No one clicks on the link (jobs are mostly now online, hello!). Or 1-2 people comment with their phone numbers (are you crazy? The poster is not the one hiring).

2) Someone posts a job saying come to this location to apply.  Exactly what are you thinking by commenting with your moble ngu "I need this job, call me".

3) I posted that I would send sample copies of CV and Cover letter. You can find that one. It said that one had to send an email request to my email. Over 40 people commented on the post ngu "here is my email". As if I read comments and extract emails and send them to the person who handles my emails. Get serious.

4) Please read. Read. Follow the instructions in all you see. Read the entire post or article. Yes Museveni has nepotism in government jobs but so many private companies are hiring.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
From Bududa District in Uganda


Here is a post from someone some Ugandans love to hate. Frank Gashumba. Love him or hate him but he minces no words. Great. We need more of him.

President Museveni should allow my cows to graze from Entebbe Airport basing on the bushes and ponds we saw at the airport while the pope's jet taxed in on Friday. We were embarrassed beyond repair. If you compare the Jomo Kenyatta airport and the Entebbe Airport there is such a remarkable difference. It looked like the pope had landed at a shrine deep in Bundibugyo. Every day that passes God reveals to us how these vampires have destroyed our mother country Uganda. That's why I agree with Dr.Besigye that there is an urgent need to bring back our country. An airport that was constructed by colonialists and Iddi Amin surprisingly this Government can't maintain it yet every car that goes to the airport pays shs2000. This is in exception of the other airport taxes we pay them. Apart from the stone age airport which has got people's luggage getting lost. When I say this country is dead some NRM sycophants go up in arms and villagers trending in their ignorance follow suit. Instead of responding toy message they respond to the individual Gashumba. Kindly don't respond to this post if you have never been to an international airport. Village mindsets should not discuss global matters.

If there is any discussion that's got to do with taxi parks, obutale bwo omubulo and boda bodas there will be an opportunity for you to expose your little exposure. Yes we must pray for our country and we must fight and bring back our country. Plus I'm dedicating the next to three weeks to examining the pope's visit and may the good Lord bless our Pope.

Sisimuka Uganda
Teri Kulinda Kulala
Changing mindsets, creating self belief.
Transforming Lives.
We make you think independently.


His Holiness was a joy to receive in our country.  You see, Uganda is a land full of suffering.  His presence gave people hope and uplifted us.  Enough with the sweetness.

The original cost was told to us as sh. 5 billion.  Of course we have no idea what the end cost of this trip has been to the Ugandan tax payers.  Some of us would have preferred that the money get used to put medicine in our hospitals, pay our civil servants, put equipment in hospitals, repair roads, use for small projects for employment for the 10 million unemployed youth.

Oh, but do not mind this.  Here is a video to show you the Military (Security, Peace) prowess.  And then look at the images from our hospitals.  AND you think the biggest need was a Pope?  May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit visit Uganda and remove this Dictator who has no love or compassion for the suffering Ugandans.  YEAH, I SAID IT.  BECAUSE I CAN.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Bududa District, where our hospital has no water, electricity or medicine.


This was sent to me via whatsap from a friend in Uganda.

Pope Francis's Message about the Family

"There is no perfect family. We have no perfect parents, we are not perfect, do not get married to a perfect person, neither do we have perfect children. We have complaints about each other. We are disappointed by one another. Therefore, there is no healthy marriage or healthy family without the exercise of forgiveness. Forgiveness is vital to our emotional health and spiritual survival. Without forgiveness the family becomes a theater of conflict and a bastion of grievances. Without forgiveness the family becomes sick. Forgiveness is the sterilization of the soul, cleansing the mind and the liberation of the heart. Anyone who does not forgive has no peace of soul and communion with God. Pain is a poison that intoxicates and kills. Maintaining a wound of the heart is a self-destructive action. It is an autophagy. He who does not forgive sickens physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is why the family must be a place of life and not of death; an enclave of cure not of disease; a stage of forgiveness and not of guilt. Forgiveness brings joy where sorrow produced pain; and healing, where pain caused disease."


You can find more of Rexy's music on youtube. Or on my youtube channel. His music is powerful you do not even have to know our mother tongue Lumasaba. This song is powerful so I translated the lyrics into English. Rexy has more than 2000 songs we are yet to record and do videos for. In time.

In Uganda we are suffering, people are suffering
Us on the ground are suffering; we come from many problems and we suffer
In Uganda we are suffering; people are suffering
Us on the ground are suffering; we come from hard lives and we are suffering
In Uganda we are suffering; people are suffering
We come from hard times and we are suffering; us on the groung are suffering
People have sent me and if you talk to me I am the last one you can talk to
Because things have changed; I am not lying, things have become very hard
All the prices of basic necessities have jumped up
Even the educated ones cannot find jobs
You find a lawyer on a bicycle for a taxi
I am not lying, things are pain me
In Uganda we suffer; people are suffering
Because we do not even have a chance to fight in court
Take us as you see us; Things hurt us but we are silent
In Uganda we are suffering; people are suffering
Us on the ground are suffering; we come from hard times and we suffer
In Uganda we are suffering; people are suffering
Us on the ground are suffering; we come from hard times and we are suffering
For God and My country, me I took that to mean it is Uganda for all of us
The Pearl of Africa, I took Uganda as one for all of us
It is for the ones who can make it, those who can make it
We sit and watch while they beat people up; we sit and watch people being imprisoned
Tear gas and the guns ah ah
If you think I am lying, go to a hospital and say you have no money and you will see how you are treated
In Uganda we are suffering, people are suffering; us on the ground are suffering
We come from tough times and we are suffering, people are suffering
Do not misunderstand me eh..Do not take me wrongly, eh
I was sent and this is what they sent me to tell you and I have delivered the message
…………..the rest repeats pretty well everything above………………enjoy.


Martha Leah Nangalama: I believe in music for kids. Music develops the left side of the brain (Mathematics and Sciences). Love and reading develops the right side of the brain (humanities).  If we give our kids music from a young age, they will excel in life. A kid who wins Math competitions and yet writes and has Emotional Intelligence (the ability to be empathetic to people) does not come by mistake. Mozart composed his first song at age 6. ..just some tidbits.  Our province New Brunswick hired a guy from Venezuela to teach music. Daily, buses pick up kids and take them to music halls. All the instruments are supplied. It helps teens to stay focused.

Sistema NB has verified the possibility oftransformative social change through music and the orchestra.  We have demonstrated that great art is for everyone and that it has the power to improve the lives of children and their families and enhance our society.  We have shown that for children, an orchestra means joy, motivation, discipline, teamwork - that it builds confidence and self-esteem and that it is incredibly fun.

Who wouldn’t want that for even more


by Gordon Dioxide

America was the largest country in North America, and still is. It's incredibly big, with a population of about one million people and pets.

The capital city is New York, which has exactly two million people and pets.

The American people are called the inhabitants, and their pets are called dogs, cats and other things.

So this is the story of America.

America was discovered by accident in the year 1452.

He was trying to sail from Oxford to Paris, but his wife, Mrs Accident, was navigating, and they landed in San Francisco seven weeks later.

They liked the vibe of the place so decided to stay.

Their first child, Chuck H Accident Junior, was the first European to be born in America, and their second child was the second.

So all Americans alive today have descended from Mr Accident, his wife Ann, Chuck H Junior and the other one.

The most famous American of all-time was Peter, a baker from Chicago. He invented a way to make bread without using any ingredients, and became so famous that the inhabitants could think of nothing else. Sadly, however, he died of starvation and not even his own children could remember him.

The national dish of America is Halibut Nogg, a fish custard eaten by all inhabitants before breakfast. Other popular foods are squid, artificial rhubarb, parsley and meat. There are no drinks.

America has a cousin called Canada, which is both the sister of Alaska and the brother of Norway. Another cousin is called Mexico and another one isn't.

It is said that there are more cars in America than there are planets in the solar system. Inhabitants are allowed to drive inside supermarkets and churches, but speed limits are imposed at busy times.

The fastest squirrel was Bissy, who ran 100 metres in 8.2 seconds in Ohio in 1961. The slowest squirrel was Sir John Gendelton, who ran one metre in one hour in Ohio in 1962. Squirrel racing has since been banned in all states, except Ohio.

The American alphabet has just 24 letters. They don't use F or G, so have to revert to the English alphabet when pronouncing words like giraffe or goffee. In case you don't know, goffee is a coffee-flavoured toffee that's been popular in Texas since the nationwide ban on liquid drinks.

American shops are open seven days a week, except Sundays. They sell clothing, kitchen equipment, garden swing chairs, guitar bags, guitar strings, guitar accessories, Halibut Nogg and guitars. They don't sell orange-coloured or orange-flavoured products, or any item that can be broken by an angry child.

American air is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, birds and flies. The land is quite solid, but the rivers are much softer.

American clothing is designed to stay dry in good weather, but does have a tendency to get wet during rain. Some inhabitants try to get around this by pre-soaking their unmentionable under-garments in a strong solution of Halibut Nogg, but it never works.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the youngest person in America is Dwightsy Benk, a zero-year old baby from Detroit, but this record was broken soon after printing. The smallest person in America has not yet been found, but scientists predict it will also be a young baby.

Laughing in public is legal in most states, but sad faces are frowned upon.

Toothpaste is now made with mint, milk, eggs and sugar, and has been renamed ice cream.

Most American schools were built without any doors, but this practical joke backfired when they realised that new children couldn't get in and old children couldn't get out.

Every evening, American families gather around a large cactus bush and sing Japanese love songs to each other. The last one still awake has to sleep in the bush.

Christmas is special, a time of year when everybody replaces their shoe laces with spaghetti. However, the fun can come to a sudden end if the spaghetti is overcooked and not strong enough to prevent the shoes from falling off. When this happens, the person is banned from making any unkind comments to animals until January 12th.

American firemen are the best in the world at putting out fires, but this can get really annoying at barbecues.

Many Americans pretend to forget their own birthdays, in order to get a nice surprise when they wake up one morning and receive lots of unexpected presents.

There are thought to be at least 25 states in America, with some estimates putting the figure as high as 40. Albert Einstein calculated that there were exactly 246, but this has since been disproved, along with his famous theory that blue squirrels are invisible because they run faster than the speed of light.

Cars drive on the right side of the road, while buses and trucks drive on the left. They switch over on weekends, national holidays and after 4pm on cold days in April and foggy days in October. This simple system ensures that everybody gets a fair chance to drive on both sides.

Everybody has two friends, a good friend and a bad friend, making four friends altogether, or five if you include yourself. The bad friend is useful when you need someone to criticise or insult you. The good friend will always say you are brilliant, even when you can't find your left ear.

The most powerful man in America is actually a woman. Her name is Betty and she controls what people think by sending out telepathic signals through internet wi-fi networks. The only way to resist is to take a fatal dose of warm avocado thrice daily.

There are three types of music in America: rock music, classical music and tuffington, which is a military rap performed by marching ballerinas. In March and April all three musics are combined to create the Easter Cacophony.

America's greatest explorer was Chintzy Adams, who literally got very cold when discovering the Arctic ice motel in the winter of 1894.

Everything came to a standstill in July 1974, when amateur golfers across the country went on strike. For ten long weeks they refused to play even a single hole, as President Cakes ignored their demands for pay. Eventually the army was brought in to calm the situation and provide a replacement service.

The most popular sport is Big Chessel Beating, in which contestants jump seven times in a northerly direction, then hop twice to the east and pirouette four times to the south. The winner is the first to arrive back at base square while shouting "I've won, I've won, I've won".

Most Americans have six fingers and six toes; that's three on each hand and foot. They lost the other two fingers, two thumbs and four toes in a nationwide Man versus Crocodile speed-typing contest just after the last war and an unknown period of time before the next war. The winner was John Smithamptonshirecy from New Floridy, who retained all twenty fingers and toes, but little else.

Babies are taught map-reading skills before they can even walk. This means that, if they get separated from their designated care provider, they can crawl home on their own.

The American national joke is the one about the incredible talking pig who refused to take a job at the circus because he was a fully-qualified accountant. The joke is recited after official dinners, during Super Bowl quiet moments and before every president's homecoming prom speech since Cakes Senior.

This is NOT the end. In fact, it's not even the end of it.


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe.

Museveni’s hand of death is responsible for millions of deaths in Uganda and East and Central African regions. The spirits of the dead will not rest until they have avenged the Museveni betrayal RABBA NAGA.

On 27th November 2015 Rabba Naga, the senior liberation struggle activist who is operating from within the Museveni regime, posted the following article on his Facebook page.

In the article, Rabba details the blood-cuddling facts about Museveni’s hand of death in Uganda and the East and central African regions. In Uganda alone, 3 million have perished in the 30 years of Museveni rule. In all these deaths, writes Rabba Naga, the only CONSTANT is the MUSEVENI HAND.

RABBA NAGA ARTICLE (27/11/2015):


This morning I read, in utter consternation a fellow posting gruesome photos of the people who were killed in Luweero in the 80s. And I read posts of people being moved with emotions and writing RIPs. This must stop. Museveni and your people don’t abuse the memory of our people.

Whereas we lost 500,000 in that war in Luweero, the camps alone in the north took over a million dead. The children of those Luweero war dead have since been killed in Museveni wars, in his pandagari operations, in his regional wars, in his clamp-downs of walk to work, in his ruthless murders of the survivors!

The Kazinis, the Chef Alis, the Lumumbas, the Mutebis, the Mayombos the Cpt Lutwama who was murdered in cold blood in Kireka at the hands of Muhozi / Kayihura sent thugs, the THOUSANDS OF OUR GALLANT SOLDIERS WHO SUCCUMBED TO AIDS DUE LACK OF ADEQUATE CARE AND ABUSE BY SUBJECTING THEM TO UNNECESSARY FIGHTING, WITH NO MEDICAL CARE, and you always hear Museveni talking about it with GLEE!

Yes Aids was a real problem, but with a regime that cared, we would have lost less.

I was finding out the death rates in the Kenyan and Tanzanian armies who had no wars and better medical care, the ratio of death was 1 to 5! Incredible, where Kenya lost one soldier to Aids, Uganda lost 5!

The people of Uganda and in East African region who have died in the 30 years of Museveni rule are more than those we lost in the last 200 years. 4 million dead in Congo, 2 million dead in Rwanda, 5 million dead in Sudan, 3 million dead in Uganda.

I will post the break down in my subsequent post and you will all be shocked. In all these deaths, the only CONSTANT is the MUSEVENI HAND.

Why does he do these things? Because he thinks in his crazy mind that he is supposed to be an emperor, and followed by his kith and kin. He didn’t know that it would never be.

First, Kagame crushed it when he rejected the Museveni domination and defeated him as we all know, then Garang rejected it he died you all know, but even then Machar and Rebecca Garang rejected it too, Mzee Moi rejected it and for the first time Uganda and Kenya fought at our boarder in1987.

Of course you all know how Jakaya Kikwete rejected this Museveni expansionism through his sham FAST TRACKING OF EAST AFRICAN INTERGRATION, where he wanted a hurried federation led by him and where the people of East Africa had no say in its creation, and Tanzania, Burundi, even Rwanda, rejected this because they saw what was driving it, the MUSEVENI MEGALOMANIA.

SO MUSEVENI THROUGH HIS EXPANSIONIST POLICY IS EVEN DESTROYING THE UNIFICATION OF EAST AFRICAN DREAM. He sings about it just as he sings about democracy which he never practices.

It is this duplicity that has caused so much bitterness in Uganda, so much war in the region, just look at it this way, IN THE 30 YEARS OF MUSEVENI RULE, MUSEVENI HAS FOUGHT 19 MAJOR INSURGENCIES,19! And like that of Kony and ADF, and elements of NALU are still raging, albeit from neighbouring countries, but still our children are dying there, our money and resources still being wasted there, etc.

For how long must this be allowed to go on?


I started this post with a warning against all those who want to use our Luweero dead in their foolish power games, but I need to be more categorical here.
I will not call upon those dead to rest in peace, noooo!


So Ugandans, stop this business of telling your dead to rest, they should too fight this dictatorship, not corruption, but a sick looting spree, this injustice, this poverty, this domination of a small clique over our people, these deaths and sicknesses and helplessness, this general unhappiness, sad situation of unending wars where our children have perished for 30 years, etc etc.
GOD bless the struggle.


Museveni cannot run away from his thirty plus years of record. This man has destroyed our nation. Schools are now demanding parents to bring firewoods with children when they go back to school, what type of a government are you talking about?

A man who is sure of yourself that Museveni will win but you are not in support of displaying the registry. Here is the reason why EC cannot release it. If the registry is released, the opposition will know how many voters are in each district or area. Example if Wakiso district had 345 registered voters, you expect 345 votes from that area not more. But if people have no idea of how many registered voters in an area, EC can increase the total votes to 1000 or inflate the voters for a particular candidate. It will be practically impossible for M7 to rig because EC will be asked to explain additional votes in that area. But without knowing how many voters are in an area, it plays in Museveni's favor. Opposition should demand EC to display the voters registry now.


Some of these kids talk to us like we are idiots. Why do you let them do this? 

I did some research on Budweiser. A beer company in USA and Canada.

People would go to a bar. The waiter asks "what would you like?". Customers would answer "anything but a Bud".

Over marketing the politicians will backfire.  Right now I feel like "anything but Mbabazi".

Martha Leah Nangalama

The mobilizers in the whatsap groups are becoming annoying. I keep leaving the groups but they keep adding me back.  These kids do not know about marketing.  They are hurting your campaigns.
[29/11 7:19 am] ‪+256 776 956756‬: POLITICAL ANALYISIS AT NAMUGONGO.

Sevo gets very cold reception and JPAM gets very warm reception. After mass, Sevos just took off in his black tintet motorcade while JPAM  was being stopped in intervals due to too much excitement of his  supporters.

What does this political leverage mean?

Does this mean that now Muzeeyis political career is 6 feet down?

If it is political boxing, Does it mean that H. E Amama has K (O)?  Unbeaten run.


Aactually they slumberd. Gen. Kayihura forgot to ferry Crime preventors to the venue and this meant that the audience was super and clean without corruption.

Does this certify that Sevo doesn't have supporters at grassroots?

Yes, it is possible! This Namugongo game exposed them bse 80% of the audience was rural based.

What is going to be Sevos reaction???!
Any time, a reshuffle is coming bse this can be equated to exposing the nudity of a monkey.

Does this give JPAM a Gold medal?
Yes, this man will be remembered in political history of the world  for the changing the political landscape of a country in just less than 3months. This has never happened in the world.

Research team,
NRM poor youth.
[29/11 7:28 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: Oh Denis I feel like beating the S out of you. Do you people get paid by the posts?  You get so silly it is shocking.  Why can you not state key things without over juicing?  It is very annoying. We are not idiots.
[29/11 7:30 am] ‪+256 776 956756‬: Haha. Martha take it easy. Dennis is just emotional. We all are
[29/11 7:35 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: Denis, the worst part about it is it is not your writing style.
[29/11 7:35 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: It sounds like Ben
[29/11 7:36 am] Martha Leah Nangalama: And I have warned him about this.


I cannot remember who sent me this joke from Uganda.

One time an elderly man was walking past a school class.  He overheard the teacher ask the students what 1+1 equals.

A kid screamed out 4 (and by the way this kid was right).

The older gentleman shakes his head saying "What Kaguta has done to Uganda is unreal. Even 1+1 which used to equal 2 is now 4!  God help us".

Martha Leah Nangalama

Find more jokes on my blog. I am a Social Justice Advocate and write mostly about the politics of #Uganda.


Moses is keeping me busy today. He just sent me this one on whatsap.
1samuel 16:1-9
Pope anoints Besigye
16 The Lord said to Popel “How long will you mourn for M7 since I have rejected him as president over uganda ? Fill your horn with oil and be on your way; I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I have chosen one of his sons to be king.”
2 But Pope said, “How can I go? If M7 hears about it, he will kill me.”
The Lord said, “Take a heifer with you and say, ‘I have come to sacrifice to the Lord.’ 3 Invite Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will show you what to do. You are to anoint for me the one I indicate.”
4Pope did what the Lord said. When he arrived at Kampala , the elders of the town trembled when they met him. They asked, “Do you come in peace?”
5 pope replied, “Yes, in peace; I have come to sacrifice to the Lord. Consecrate yourselves and come to the sacrifice with me.”
6 When they arrived, M7 saw Eliab and thought, “Surely the Lord’s anointed stands here before the Lord.”
7 But the Lord said to Pope, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”
Pope said, “Send for him; we will not sit down until he arrives.”
12 So he sent for him and had him brought in. He was glowing with health and had a fine appearance and handsome feature maso tala


The Electoral Commission in Uganda is partisan. Not only does it allow harassment of opposition but it keeps changing the rules of the game to prevent any new up comers to join parliament.  Some 2 months ago they upped the nomination fees. Oh dear Lord please save us. For example a presidential aspirant has to pay sh. 20 million instead of the previous sh. 8 million.  But they think we flanked Maths.  The commission has to give each presidential aspirant sh. 20 million.  Some of us had calculated a profit on this. You pay sh. 8 million. You get sh. 20 million. Net profit being sh. 12 million if you did not borrow. But if you borrowed it and say you paid sh.2 million of interest, you still net sh. 10 million.

They clued in.  Now it id a zero sum game.  But the reality is to make it extremely hard for any new comers. Meaning the status quo remains.

They better not sit pretty. We will demand for change come hell or high water.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Bududa, Uganda

The following is verbatim from Uganda

Walid shared this on whatsap.
The day is tomorrow, time, 9am at TWEED TOWERS, Nakasero. The Constitutional Petition against the increment of Parliamentary nomination fees will have its 3rd hearing and our prayer will be that we are granted a temporary injunction to stop EC from asking proof of payment from would be nominated candidates. Lets be there in numbers. Mobilise your peers and friends to be there.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


I thank you for being my friend, family and inspiration all these years.

I  join many young people of my age to find  reason to be grateful and delighted  to the divine for being one of the many in this generation.

Yet even in our delight our days present greater challenges than ever in our history. Unemployment, poverty ,disease and times without number we have  seen injustice flourish,  corruption merry and inequality blossom before our eyes . Bearing witness to the fact that the trivialisation of evil is exactly what happens when we do away with the moral point of reference and the sacred definition of human essence.

And yet in our struggles this we know that behind the dim unknown stands destiny within the shadows keeping watch above our course.

History will never be kind to those that twist the laws of  our land in their favour. For truth unbeautified is unattractive but can be defended. 

As young people we need to forage within ourselves for a  cause , a purpose greater than ourselves, a dream  that will transcend time to eternity;  that we shall leave a greater trail in history . Generations to come need to find value and purpose  in our struggle. A trail NOT  of Strongmen or  women,  but a people selfless, relentless and resolved in consciousness to see Uganda great among many nations.

As We stand at our latter greater,  Let us define where we have come from? who we are? What we stand for?  That we will not be lost in the tides of integrations, federations and globalization.

I call on all the young people of our day to have faith unshaken,  and dream of a nation where the laws of our land will work impartially,  where justice will be accorded to all indiscriminately,  where eco social equality, respect, love and freedom will flourish without restraint.

Holding on to this dream is not a course we should  procrastinate  for tomorrow but uphold today, whether we have the strength or means is immaterial for we have the WILL to see Uganda rise against the odds.

A new dawn to  dream has come, hasn't it? Join  in to dream for a new Uganda.  

For God and our country.
Raymond musiima akiiki


Opposition politicians get ready to rock. As Byamureba said that when Museveni said in 1996 that it was his last term and after that he will look after his cows, he never realized that Ugandans became cows after 1996 elections. Uganda Tourism Board has payed millions of dollars to Barcelona football stars to come to Uganda as tourists but in reality they are supposed to appear on Museveni's political rallies in Central and Western regions of the country. The football stars already in Uganda include Edgar Davids, Patrick Kluivert, Louis Garcia, Simao Sabrosa and others. This is designed to give Museveni maximum world wide exposure to fool the West that Museveni is still popular in the country, and the opposition would not be in a position to scream election rigging. They are scheduled to appear with Museveni from Dec 8th through Dec. 12th. We hope that our exposure of this plan would make Museveni think twice of using these individuals for his political gains. In other news the police is now going to clamp down on opposition politicians as the Pope leaves Uganda. The mastermind of this is Henry Tumukunde and he has replaced Kakooza Mutale. The plan is to plant NRM youth supporters dressed as JPAM/KB supporters and cause havoc where Kayihura will call off the campaigns for security reasons. Tumukunde has already threatened war should Museveni lose the elections and those that have been blaming Span and other opposition supporters now have a real concern of war happening after the election. Lastly and not least, a group of Rwandese entertainers were brought from Kigali to perform their acrobatic dances to welcome Pope Francis at Entebbe airport as if there are no Ugandans that could have entertained the Pope on his arrival in Uganda. These dancers were part of a delegation that escorted Rwandese high government profiles that came to welcome the Pope. Question, why didn't South Sudan also bring its citizens to come and welcome Pope Francis at Entebbe airport?


This happened when I was young. I do not remember how old.  We were living in Mbuya #Uganda.  My father got frustrated with me one time and threw his arms in the air. I kept talking back, which is not allowed in my culture. Then this gentleman across the road happened to stop by.  God works in mysterious ways.

Mzee poured out his frustrations.  The elder (whom mzee respected a lot) told him "the biggest punishment God can give you is to give you a copy of yourself".

I am a spitting image of father in every way.  I swore I would never be a bad parent of any kind because I have always been afraid of God giving me a spitting image of me.

Mini said "Mom, get me some water please".  I replied "thank you for saying please, she never used to say it".  Then as I am getting the water, she blasts out "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..". I join in.  She yells "it is not a duet".  I stop and she stops.  Then I blast it out.. "go away!".  Becky and Annet have repeatedly told me that she is my carbon copy.  WHY!!!  oh why?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Just a mother


I shared this story as soon as I got it. Thank goodness now it is in the media. For as long as Dictator #Museveni Jarukanga and his "Chemical Ali" #Kayihura arrest and kidnap oposition supporters, I will make them famous globally.  Some things are worth dying for.  Ugandans did not ask anyone to go to the bush and return to rule them fascist style.

Gulu- Independent presidential candidate, Mr Amama Mbabazi’s supporter was on Tuesday reportedly beaten up in Gulu by a group of people believed to be from the ruling NRM party.

Mr Ivan Okello, 23, who sustained injuries on his back, alleges that he was beaten by NRM supporters who waylaid him as he rode his motorcycle to Kaunda Grounds, the venue for the campaign rally of Mr Amama Mbabazi, the Go Forward Presidential candidate, on Tuesday.

Mr Okello, who was donning Mbabazi’s posters while he pinned the rest on his motorcycle, was accused of supporting him. 
“I was beaten by the NRM guys who accused me of putting posters of Mr Mbabazi on my motorcycle and supporting him,” he told Mbabazi supporters at the rally.

He added that they used big sticks to hit him, while others dragged him on the rough road.

Gulu Resident District Commissioner Santo Okot Lapolo, condemned the act, adding that victims involved in human rights abuses should report to law authorities instead of going to politicians.

When contacted yesterday, the Officer in Charge Gulu Central Police Station James Asubu, told Daily Monitor that the police had not yet received any report on the matter.

“May be in the course of the day, the victim will come to police to report the case, but as of now we have not received any case,”

He, however, encouraged people who have been assaulted in any way to report to police, so that investigations take place and justice is administered.

Mr Mbabazi warned NRM supporters against intimidating his supporters, adding that NRM is running short of ideas and has resorted to using violent means.

“It is high time we play mature politics, democracy is about competition of ideas and proposing alternative policies to run the country not muscle power” he noted.

“I can’t understand why this government (NRM) that claims to be democratic in this century fears competition. I learnt that our supporters were arrested while others were injured during attacks. This is not the NRM I was once part of”, Mr Mbabazi said.

Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao said they are documenting all cases of human rights abuses and will forward them to the relevant authorities at an appropriate time.

Legal help available
Mr Amama Mbabazi said he had lined up 500 lawyers who will help in legal issues and the matter would be forwarded to the human rights authorities to see that justice is achieved.

Uganda Peoples Congress party president, Mr Olara Otunnu, appealed to the people of northern Uganda not to lose hope, predicting that the desired change was knocking at their door.
On Tuesday afternoon, NRM party supporters camped at the Kampala- Gulu highway carrying placards that denounced Mr Mbabazi.


This is a Go Forward coordinator from Abim who was kidnapped.
The first time he was taken to a torture chamber where they beat him up. He says there were so many people getting beaten from all parts of the country. When he was taken there he was blindfolded, then they blindfold him again when they are taking him away. 
He was beaten and dumped outside Uganda House. He then proceeded to CPS for help.

At the police station, a police officer let him use the phone to ring his people. It seems they intercepted him as he was going out because he has disappeared again and he needs to be found.

‪#‎AmamaTrail‬ ‪#‎UgandaDecides‬ ‪#‎Vote_Wisely‬


If some leaders are selected by God, then John Pombe Magufuli is one such leader. Its anyone's guess as to who chose Museveni for Uganda; his 30 years hold on power has witnessed among other satanic deeds, the Presidential jet taking his married daughter to deliver in a German hospital at the expense of the tax payer whose wife and mother delivers on the floor at the national referral hospital. That is the Uganda that Museveni so much craves to politically and economically integrate with Tanzania!


Someone is definitwly poisoning the water. This guy Mboowa whom I once loved is now..look at this. Wonder how much money he got to switch from opposition. Mbu Fountain of Honour! Tumbanina.
It has been an interesting Day. People from all walks of life converged at the Martyrs Shrine Namugongo  including our  Beloved Fountain of Honour His Excellence General YK Museveni, the go Foward's Amama mbabazi, Kiza Besigye, Religious Leaders from across the world, Ambassadors, and All Believers in God for prayers with His Holiness Pope Francis.

We Salute His Excellence President YK Museveni for Giving Uganda the permanent peace and stability, Freedom of Worship, and Inviting His Holiness Pope Francis to Uganda.

We are indebted as a country and all Ugandans .Our most Paramount task is to make sure that we consolidate our gains at all costs. MZEE has done his Part . We must also make sure that we Respect and Defend Him at all Costs.

Thank you so much Your Excellence President YK Museveni for Making Uganda A Prosperous, Religious and Stable Country.

We also Salute SFC officers and Men, Uganda Police and UPDF who are working Tirelessly to secure our Country against Criminally Minded groups.

Aluta Continua. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💛💛💛


Martha Nangalama a well  known blogger and investigator has published a story written by allafrica.con an on line investigative journal, that could send chills on the people of Uganda. What their investigations concerning the slaughter of 12 muslim Clerics was revealed by FADDU, as the killings took place. These were targeted political assassinations by the government of Uganda. Museveni has used extra judicial killings and blamed different groups or rebels. Span specifically challenged the Museveni government to come clean and let professional forensic team take over the investigations. The shells that were found at crime scene were of military assault rifles and the government can easily identify which barracks those bullets came from. Kayihura took possessions of those shells but has kept quiet about such evidences. Span also accused the NRM regime of bombing its citizens while watching soccer in 2011 and as the case was progressing in the court Museveni appointed the presiding judge to a higher position which made him leave the case and right now the case is back to where it started. Recently presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi openly stated that if Museveni does not stop terrorizing his supporters, he will reveal government secretes which he swore to uphold. The public has a right to know what secretes are there that JPAM knows. Ugandans must wake up and fight to remove Museveni and bring him to justice while still alive. As i always say, a government that came to power through killing people, will always kill in order to stay in power. May their souls Rest In Peace!!

Friday, November 27, 2015


Sometimes words are unnecessary.  Yes, Kenya has its problems but my goodness, Uganda is dying. We are dying.  We are really suffering.  Why does the world not see this?  The donors and funders and lenders need to know this.  We have a Dictator who is on media saying he only works for his family.  And you people keep giving him money?  You know, we shall not pay back that money.  We will drag you through every court for you to prove that you gave the money to us.  The video of Dictator Museveni saying that he works for his family is enough to present in court.  Why do you keep funding the man who is killing us?

Everything said above is well documented on the internet.  The same is what is in the picture below.  You can do a Google search for any topic here and a Youtube search for the video clips where Dictator Museveni has said all those things.

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa Hospital still has no medicine or running water.


This article is from Al Jazeera via allafrica dot com.

Many Ugandans have lived through fear over the decades - either because of the actions of Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army or from the campaign of an Islamist insurgency known as the ADF. But today Ugandan Muslims face a different anxiety.

Over the past two years, unknown assailants have ambushed and killed a dozen of the country's leading Muslim clerics. Others survived and now live in fear. The attacks have occurred across the country, from the capital, Kampala, to border towns like Mbale.

The government and police say that ADF insurgents, among others, are responsible for the killings. Other's blame them on an ideological struggle within the Muslim community or a result of a fight over property and money.

Many, though, are pointing fingers at Ugandan government security forces themselves, accusing them of using violence and the 'threat of terrorism' to engender reasons for suppressing political opposition.

In the middle of all this is a so-called hit list with the names of Muslim clerics who have, apparently, been marked for murder. Over half of those on the list have now been killed and the rest now live under armed protection, but they remain under threat, increasing tensions between the different Muslim denominations, the public and the authorities.

Prompted by this story's mysterious claims and counter claims, reporters Sorious Samura and Ivan Okuda and producer Clive Patterson teamed up to find out who is really behind the violence that is dividing a community and the nation and to ask whether state agencies are more involved than they are letting on.


By Clive Patterson

I work with Sorious Samura, the renowned journalist from Sierra Leone and when we heard that 12 Muslim clerics had recently been murdered or died in mysterious circumstances in Uganda, we knew we had a story we wanted to investigate further. The story intrigued us for a number of reasons: The majority of the clerics were killed in a similar fashion - shot at night by gunmen who arrived and escaped on motorcycles; there have been no convictions to date; there didn't appear to be an obvious motive for the killings - all very curious.

Last year, Al Jazeera exposed the existence of government death squads in Kenya targeting, among others, Muslim leaders. Was something similar going on in neighbouring Uganda?

We were also very impressed by Ugandan journalist, Ivan Okuda, who brought the story to our attention and was selected to join our Africa Investigates team this year.

So what on earth was going on? We'd begun our investigation with a mystery about the murder of 12 Muslim clerics and we'd found a puzzle, tied in a riddle and wrapped up in enigma, all somehow connected to increasingly implausible and contradictory official accusations about a grand conspiracy involving Islamist insurgents.

We wanted to sit down with state officials to discuss these matters. We put in interview requests for the Inspector General of the Police and President Yoweri Museveni who has held power in Uganda since 1986. Why, we wanted to know, was the government insisting that the killings were carried out by the ADF when the evidence seemed so scant? Why was police accusing a heart specialist, Dr Aggrey Kiyingi, who lived thousands of miles away in Australia, of involvement in these attacks? And where in this jigsaw puzzle did the contradictory claims and counter claims about the Tabliqs and their leader, Sheikh Kamoga, fit in?

What, in short, was going on?

Neither the president nor Uganda's chief policeman agreed to take part in our film.

So we put that question to someone else who might know. General David Ssejusa is one of the Ugandan army's most decorated officers. He was also an intelligence chief and adviser to the president until he fell out of favour for criticising the government in public.

His answer, as you'll see in the film, is illuminating and suggests that the authorities may be using the murders as a political tool to exaggerate the perception that Uganda is under attack by Islamic extremists.

Make of the general's comments what you will, but certainly both Sorious and I came away from this story disturbed by what we had heard about the Ugandan government and its use of the police force.

As for who is behind the killings of the 12 Muslim clerics? Well, watch our film and then draw your own conclusions.

Source:: Al Jazeera


*He who refuses to mix white ants with oddi as a
type of sauce is a racist- Martin Lutherking jr
*He who completely unwraps Luwombo before
eating cannot keep a secret- Abraham Lincon
*Only a courageous woman can fry a bunch of
gonja without tasting any.-Bill Clinton (1972)
*Drinking Enturire doesn't mean you'r poor, but
allowing enturire to swell before drinking is
poverty- Queen Elizabeth(1895)
*Any man who drinks Ajon bitters without
squeezing his face is capable of murder-
Williams Shakespeare (1900)
*Anyone who graduates from a conventional
school without experiencing a strike has never
been to Uganda- Malcom X (1904)
*No matter how hot your temper is, it cannot
cook pumpkin.-Nelson Mandela(1968)
*He who says nothing lasts forever has never
tried Kigaji perfume-Winston Church hill (1930)
*He who deserves an injury kisses a red ant...
*He who gains power by a gun and releases it by
a ballot is a fool, he should visit Uganda.
(YK. Museveni~2011)
*Anyone who reads this without laughing is
either looking for a job or needs money
badly.-Barak Obama (2014)


  • Hon Kundu Ronald Matte

    Conservative Party of Canada - Parti conservateur du Canada Tell Justin to take a clear stand and support our allies: Justin Trudeau's vacuous stance on Syria
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    Martha Leah Nangalama

    Tell him yourself. I have my own problems.

    Let me share this on the Internet to expose your stupidity to the world and Uganda.
  • Hon Kundu Ronald Matte
    Hon Kundu Ronald Matte

    I thought you are by his side please.
  • Martha Leah Nangalama
    Martha Leah Nangalama

    Trudeau is the Liberal Party.
  • Hon Kundu Ronald Matte
    Hon Kundu Ronald Matte

    Oh then am sorry
  • Martha Leah Nangalama
    Martha Leah Nangalama

    Stephen Harper was voted out. The Conservative Party
  • Hon Kundu Ronald Matte
    Hon Kundu Ronald Matte

    Ok thanks for the update.
  • Martha Leah Nangalama
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    You Ugandan idiots like to insult me but do not even read the news or follow global politics. I could have fotgiven you but you said that you thought I was right beside Trudeau the Conservative Party. There is a price to be paid. I am going to decapaign you because you are an idiot and people would be making a mistake to vote for you.
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    Martha Leah Nangalama

    Watch me. Let me grab my laptop.
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    Hon Kundu Ronald Matte

    Jared R Walsh plz look at this and help our Army. here news for the people *OUTRAGE: TRUDEAU KICKS OUT CANADIAN SOLDIERS TO MAKE ROOM SYRIAN REFUGEES*
    Nearly 500 soldiers at CFB Kingston have received a memo giving them just 3 days’ notice to clear out of their barracks to make room for Syrian refugees who will begin arriving on November 30.
    The move will affect military personnel who are living in multiple barracks, those who are attending courses on the base, as well as some officer cadets who are going to the Royal Military College and getting ready to take their final exams.
    While the memo tells soldiers when they should expect to move, it doesn’t tell them where they are being shuffled to.
  • Martha Leah Nangalama
    Martha Leah Nangalama

    You attacked me and insulted me. There is a price.