Sunday, September 27, 2015


In 2014, Hon. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi was sucked by our president #Museveni.  Please now refer to Mbabazi as #JPAM.  The conditions of his firing are still dubious given that he had known #Museveni for 43yrs.  I have never seen so much garbage land in media after #JPAM was no more.  I have been one of the biggest critics of #JPAM and the world is my witness.  The articles are on the internet.

What shocked me was seeing so many Ugandans go into media and vilify Mbabazi.  I guess that is when I learned about competition.  It was my damn heaven given right to be the one abusing the man.

Soon after, #Uganda stopped making sense.  Everyone left right and center was attacking #JPAM.  Even losers and political failures were attacking him.

In June when he announced (finally) that he would contest for presidency, we saw a good mess.   Yes I have information on #JPAM but you people make no sense.  If an insider comes up to challenge your King (Span corrupted me), first thing is to praise your King.  What is wrong with you people?

Granted - #TDA is a work in progress.  AND #TDA will work out.  It is young and needs to grow.  Of this, I am sure.  The problem is when you attack a new association you tell the world that you are hopeless.

When you attack people like Besigye, Muntu, Sejusa and you have to evaluate where you are really standing?  These people fought the war and realised the revolution was not worth it because it was hijacked. Think about it people.  You are doing  disservice by fighting against the only people who are telling you that the revolution was hijacked.  What is even shocking is I have shared much information about revolutions and yet I watch you daily vilify the people from whom I have learned why we must respect our elders.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa Hospital has no water)
All my information is public.  Try Google.

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