Wednesday, September 30, 2015


And you people do not find this outrageous?

Sure we have read many scandles out of that shop but to just wake up one morning and fire all the employees, a whole 890 of them and we say nothing!!  Have we lost our minds?  Can we assume that all the 890 were corrupt and stole money meant for the roads?  Have we even thought about the fact that their families will go hungry, no school fees will be paid, rents will not be paid, banks will repossess their houses and cars and all is apparently okay.

This truly is a gross abuse of power.  Do you not have employment contracts?  Did they get severance pay?  Did they get their benefits extended till they get new jobs?  Did they get employment reference letters? Were they given notice to consult with their lawyers to accept being dropped like hot potatoes?

Who is in charge here?  Are we getting rid of people to only replace them with our own choices of whom we prefer?  I hate nepotism with a passion.  Do I sense nepotism coming into play here?  Must you not face this as a gross abuse of power?  Who died and made Kagina Queen?  Who did she get permission from or the order from to put 890 out of work?

If you are not outraged about this, you are next and no one will even talk on your behalf.  You will see more civil servants lose their jobs and I am dead serious on this one.  Then where will you end up?  Raise your voices.  Call your MPigs.  Text them.  Flood their social media accounts.  When they come to your riding, refuse to eat their pilawo and ask them why 890 lost their jobs over night.  Mind you, you should have asked about the 5000 NAADs employees who lost their jobs over night.  I just did not feel very sorry about them though but you see the pattern here.  Civil servants will keep losing their jobs to make way for the military.  Do you remember when Aronda (the army) took over the National ID project?  How many civil servants lost their livelihood?  AND did we even say anything about it?  Nothing.  We said absolutely nothing.  Now look how we signed away the rights of our people to earn income to look after their families.

"If you are not angry, you are not paying attention" a friend.

Martha Leah Nangalama
All my information is public, try Google.

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