Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I have zero education in economics but i can give my 50/= worth of a little i know on economy. We hear all the time people talking about unemployment rate vs job markets, well what is it and who should take the blame for high unemployment rates? The percentage of all people looking for a job but do not have a job make up the unemployment rate. This group do not have jobs but are seeking employment and are ready to work. This is unbelievable that the king that has been in power for 30 years has these many people (84-87%)  unemployed and funny enough he is seeking for another five year term and as worse as it is some people still support him, including those that are educated and those that are unemployed. Uganda is in a state of confusion. What about labor force? This include those that have jobs and those that are seeking employment.  There are those that gave up looking for a job and they are not included in labor force or in employment  rate category. It could be astronomically worse if people in the villages started looking for jobs, the Uganda unemployment scale would be over the maximum capacity. Chances are the unemployment rate only covers Kampala. It would be a different thing if the king tried to help those without a job with small allowances, but the king is busy traveling all over the globe with his queen in tow.. What is worrisome is that his defenders keep on saying that those who are unemployed, are seeking blue color jobs and that is the reason they are not employed and they point to agriculture as saturated with jobs. What they forget is to look at how much the king funded agriculture in his budget. Uganda started its Great Depression twenty years ago with the same king in drivers seat and he is still being called upon to keep on driving. We dont have to go on like this. Where is mother nature when you needed her the most. Sooner than later may be?

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