Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The late John Bosco Lutwaama who was tortured to death with the participation of Museveni himself informed Lutwaama that no other tribe will ever gain power in Uganda except Bahima or Westerners. Museveni told Lutwaama he should know that Kayiira was the last threat from central to ever wrestle power from the Bahima and ever since Kayiira's death he made sure that  other tribes will never gain political ground to the highest office. Lutwaama was severely tortured and his eyes were pricked out and his family was not allowed to view the body for the last time and Museveni sent military men armed to the teeth to make sure that Lutwaama's coffin was not opened. Remember Hon. Hussien Kyanjo an outspoken defender of central region was poisoned and left for dead. Eastern region was also neutralized as Nandala Mafabi was weakened politically, in the Northern region, Moa' s wings were clipped and Bunyoro has no voice at all in the affairs of the state. Now it is clearly obvious that the political mandate is left to one region and one region alone, the west and even in the west you must belong to a specific group in order to gain power. Prof. Bukenya would have presented a threat to Museveni's power but he is a damaged good being portrayed as weak and has no military back ground. JPAM has no military back ground but he is considered to be a greatest challenge to Museveni and the state has directed all its war machines towards JPAM. Other regions are reduced to being cheer leaders to the politics of our country. The King is very sick and he is fighting for the queen to take over the party leadership and become the eventual chairman of the party. The king will stay through the elections if nature does not interfere with his vision and after the elections he will pass the power to his wife. The argument is that the constitution is moot on transferring power if the president decides to pass the torch while he is still alive. The constitution allows the vice president to take over if the president died while in office or if impeached by parliament. For how long are other regions of the country going to stay cheer leaders?

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