Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Reading Rabba Naga's advice on this topic opened my eyes.  Magombe shared it and I shared it.  We all know what we are against.  What I fear are the youth going into the streets, being tear gassed, getting arrested and ending up in safe houses for some to never even return.

You see, the best revolutions have been achieved through serious organisation.  Rabba made this very clear. What is going on in #Uganda is a bunch of kids (yes you are kids) with some paid to make noise and with others who care about the struggle joining in.  Do you know that after the cameras stop rolling no one really cares?

I am a very strong supporter of Dr. Besigye and will remain a very strong supporter.  The only issue I see which I must address is these kids get arrested, tortured and some even die.  Which leader would want to have this happen to their followers?  Let us support Besigye with all our might but we must avoid putting our kids in harm's way.  Our children are not punching bags for politics.

In 2014, we had the Dec 15th civilian sit down for peace.  Do you remember how we made out of that? We accomplished not much and not many showed up.  The reason for this is the dictator is mighty and so many knew they would get killed if they showed up.  The one thing all of us have never worked hard at is to ensure their safety, the safety of their families or even to take care of medical bills and also feed their families.  We are losing very valuable supporters in the struggle for change for #Uganda.

Granted, the judiciary is corrupt but if we had a strong legal team, we could use the constitution and have people released within 48hrs or at least brought to court with charges.  Give us the charges then we hire great lawyers to show up in court.  I witnessed some radio stations funded by JPAM go off line for months.  Did we plan for the rents, school fees, food and medicine for the employees of these radio stations?  The answer is a resounding No.

Please stop sending our youth out to speak for you if you have not made arrangements to care for them and their families.  You are sucking the life out of all of us and the key ones who show up to protest for you.  At one time they will return to the dictator because there they have safety.  Protect them.  The key opposition members live in very nice houses, have a lot of money, have their families fed and have medical attention anytime anything happens to them.  But do the followers who only want change have these things?

Heed Rabba's advice. Build capacity and do not go out into the streets unprepared.  Us as opposition are acting very weak now and very disorganized.  Guess who wins?

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Nangalama
---all my information is public.  Try Google.

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