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I have zero education in economics but i can give my 50/= worth of a little i know on economy. We hear all the time people talking about unemployment rate vs job markets, well what is it and who should take the blame for high unemployment rates? The percentage of all people looking for a job but do not have a job make up the unemployment rate. This group do not have jobs but are seeking employment and are ready to work. This is unbelievable that the king that has been in power for 30 years has these many people (84-87%)  unemployed and funny enough he is seeking for another five year term and as worse as it is some people still support him, including those that are educated and those that are unemployed. Uganda is in a state of confusion. What about labor force? This include those that have jobs and those that are seeking employment.  There are those that gave up looking for a job and they are not included in labor force or in employment  rate category. It could be astronomically worse if people in the villages started looking for jobs, the Uganda unemployment scale would be over the maximum capacity. Chances are the unemployment rate only covers Kampala. It would be a different thing if the king tried to help those without a job with small allowances, but the king is busy traveling all over the globe with his queen in tow.. What is worrisome is that his defenders keep on saying that those who are unemployed, are seeking blue color jobs and that is the reason they are not employed and they point to agriculture as saturated with jobs. What they forget is to look at how much the king funded agriculture in his budget. Uganda started its Great Depression twenty years ago with the same king in drivers seat and he is still being called upon to keep on driving. We dont have to go on like this. Where is mother nature when you needed her the most. Sooner than later may be?


And you people do not find this outrageous?

Sure we have read many scandles out of that shop but to just wake up one morning and fire all the employees, a whole 890 of them and we say nothing!!  Have we lost our minds?  Can we assume that all the 890 were corrupt and stole money meant for the roads?  Have we even thought about the fact that their families will go hungry, no school fees will be paid, rents will not be paid, banks will repossess their houses and cars and all is apparently okay.

This truly is a gross abuse of power.  Do you not have employment contracts?  Did they get severance pay?  Did they get their benefits extended till they get new jobs?  Did they get employment reference letters? Were they given notice to consult with their lawyers to accept being dropped like hot potatoes?

Who is in charge here?  Are we getting rid of people to only replace them with our own choices of whom we prefer?  I hate nepotism with a passion.  Do I sense nepotism coming into play here?  Must you not face this as a gross abuse of power?  Who died and made Kagina Queen?  Who did she get permission from or the order from to put 890 out of work?

If you are not outraged about this, you are next and no one will even talk on your behalf.  You will see more civil servants lose their jobs and I am dead serious on this one.  Then where will you end up?  Raise your voices.  Call your MPigs.  Text them.  Flood their social media accounts.  When they come to your riding, refuse to eat their pilawo and ask them why 890 lost their jobs over night.  Mind you, you should have asked about the 5000 NAADs employees who lost their jobs over night.  I just did not feel very sorry about them though but you see the pattern here.  Civil servants will keep losing their jobs to make way for the military.  Do you remember when Aronda (the army) took over the National ID project?  How many civil servants lost their livelihood?  AND did we even say anything about it?  Nothing.  We said absolutely nothing.  Now look how we signed away the rights of our people to earn income to look after their families.

"If you are not angry, you are not paying attention" a friend.

Martha Leah Nangalama
All my information is public, try Google.


Reading Rabba Naga's advice on this topic opened my eyes.  Magombe shared it and I shared it.  We all know what we are against.  What I fear are the youth going into the streets, being tear gassed, getting arrested and ending up in safe houses for some to never even return.

You see, the best revolutions have been achieved through serious organisation.  Rabba made this very clear. What is going on in #Uganda is a bunch of kids (yes you are kids) with some paid to make noise and with others who care about the struggle joining in.  Do you know that after the cameras stop rolling no one really cares?

I am a very strong supporter of Dr. Besigye and will remain a very strong supporter.  The only issue I see which I must address is these kids get arrested, tortured and some even die.  Which leader would want to have this happen to their followers?  Let us support Besigye with all our might but we must avoid putting our kids in harm's way.  Our children are not punching bags for politics.

In 2014, we had the Dec 15th civilian sit down for peace.  Do you remember how we made out of that? We accomplished not much and not many showed up.  The reason for this is the dictator is mighty and so many knew they would get killed if they showed up.  The one thing all of us have never worked hard at is to ensure their safety, the safety of their families or even to take care of medical bills and also feed their families.  We are losing very valuable supporters in the struggle for change for #Uganda.

Granted, the judiciary is corrupt but if we had a strong legal team, we could use the constitution and have people released within 48hrs or at least brought to court with charges.  Give us the charges then we hire great lawyers to show up in court.  I witnessed some radio stations funded by JPAM go off line for months.  Did we plan for the rents, school fees, food and medicine for the employees of these radio stations?  The answer is a resounding No.

Please stop sending our youth out to speak for you if you have not made arrangements to care for them and their families.  You are sucking the life out of all of us and the key ones who show up to protest for you.  At one time they will return to the dictator because there they have safety.  Protect them.  The key opposition members live in very nice houses, have a lot of money, have their families fed and have medical attention anytime anything happens to them.  But do the followers who only want change have these things?

Heed Rabba's advice. Build capacity and do not go out into the streets unprepared.  Us as opposition are acting very weak now and very disorganized.  Guess who wins?

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Nangalama
---all my information is public.  Try Google.


The late John Bosco Lutwaama who was tortured to death with the participation of Museveni himself informed Lutwaama that no other tribe will ever gain power in Uganda except Bahima or Westerners. Museveni told Lutwaama he should know that Kayiira was the last threat from central to ever wrestle power from the Bahima and ever since Kayiira's death he made sure that  other tribes will never gain political ground to the highest office. Lutwaama was severely tortured and his eyes were pricked out and his family was not allowed to view the body for the last time and Museveni sent military men armed to the teeth to make sure that Lutwaama's coffin was not opened. Remember Hon. Hussien Kyanjo an outspoken defender of central region was poisoned and left for dead. Eastern region was also neutralized as Nandala Mafabi was weakened politically, in the Northern region, Moa' s wings were clipped and Bunyoro has no voice at all in the affairs of the state. Now it is clearly obvious that the political mandate is left to one region and one region alone, the west and even in the west you must belong to a specific group in order to gain power. Prof. Bukenya would have presented a threat to Museveni's power but he is a damaged good being portrayed as weak and has no military back ground. JPAM has no military back ground but he is considered to be a greatest challenge to Museveni and the state has directed all its war machines towards JPAM. Other regions are reduced to being cheer leaders to the politics of our country. The King is very sick and he is fighting for the queen to take over the party leadership and become the eventual chairman of the party. The king will stay through the elections if nature does not interfere with his vision and after the elections he will pass the power to his wife. The argument is that the constitution is moot on transferring power if the president decides to pass the torch while he is still alive. The constitution allows the vice president to take over if the president died while in office or if impeached by parliament. For how long are other regions of the country going to stay cheer leaders?


Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe

Fellow Ugandans, fellow anti Museveni-regime patriots and activists, Free Uganda invites you all to read senior liberation struggle activist RABBA NAGA's moving, indispensable and indisputable guidance on how to conduct a successful and winnable PEOPLE POWER REVOLT against the despotic Museveni regime.

I saw young people yesterday, 28/9/2015 demonstrating at Parliament demanding reforms in the electoral process. While this is a commendable exercise, it is NOT CORRECT in terms of tactics.
You see an army should never attack when it is not ready
2- an army should never attack for publicity unless you are a mere terrorist with no desire to win the fight
3- an army should never attack on enemy's provocation. Yes you can defend your forces but be careful when doing this.
4- an army should never attack in an uncoordinated manner.
5- never attack to remain relevant politically.
I will give other instances when one should never use his forces,
All the above are important for the following reasons;
1- every time you attack when you are not ready and you are defeated, you affect the morale of the troops
2- you deplete the ranks and file unnecessarily and once you start losing fighters in uncoordinated SKERMISHES, you lose the war of numbers and degrade the command element.
3- you actually build the enemy profile as he defeats you not because he is superior BUT BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT READY.
4- you lose credibility as a commander
5- it is immoral for a commander to utilise a force of any kind in useless attack which you launch for selfish reasons.
The moral of this is that life of your fighters is sacrosanct and should be protected at all costs and only expended in planned and well thought out engagements.
It is easy to tell a force which will win or lose from the above.
I will not go into the specifics here because it may aid the enemy, but suffice to state that when you go on the street when you are not ready or when your reasons for doing so are not well thought out and therefore it is a one or two off, the big politicians are arrested and then released, but the young fighters are kept in jails, some are killed and others maimed.
Why do we sacrifice these? It weakens you and strengthens the oppressor.
Let me give you one illustration near home. Of course there are many other examples world over but here we go:
When those people of Museveni and Kayiira went to the bush, they employed different strategies and tactics. And as they say, as to who won and who lost is history.
UFM of Kayiira attacked Luzira prison on 27th December 1980. Museveni group went on 6th February 1981. Kayiira's strategy was to generate as much publicity so as to get political capital and get funding. But also for vanity, ie not to be called weak!
But the Museveni group was guided by the desire to build capacity and protect their forces as much as possible.
And two examples demonstrate this;
NRA went into what you can refer to as the strategic concealment phase. Actually they spent the entire 1981 in hiding. They did not have enough arms nor personnel. So they went in forests and armed quietly and trained.
The situation in UFM on the other hand was different. They expended the little ammunitions etc in urban attacks to generate publicity and put little emphasis in planning, training and improving command and control.
And while Gadhafi gave NRA about 100 guns in 1981, he gave UFM 743 guns in 1982. These guns came first and the ammunition was to follow in two to three months.
To UFM leaders, this was too long and they decided to attack Lubiri barracks in 1982- they went with empty guns and expected to use the little they had to storm the barracks, capture the ammunition from UNLA armouries and overrun the city and take Kampala. By the way, if they had waited for three months, got the ammunition, bombs etc which were now on the way, Kayiira could have ended the war in 1982.
What happened? UNLA had got wind of the attack. They removed the ammunition and took it to Mbuya. And indeed UFM gallantly attacked Lubiri barracks, raided the armouries but found nothing!
Result! Total defeat of UFM as a force. Its army commander Currently Brig Hussein Adda of UPDF now, its chief of staff, now Col. Mark Kodil, and entire command of UFM, save Nkwanga, Ndugute and Kasirye survived to form FEDEMO! Kayiira himself was to withdraw to Washington! All their guns were captured save for the 200 which Lutaaya Sonko (RIP) drove and gave to NRA in Bulemeezi! It is these guns that helped NRA even have the capacity to attack Masindi in 1984! Forget the posturing of Mr Museveni!
As they say, war is 55% luck! But you can’t take it away from Museveni, he utilised the correct strategy and tactics. And the reality is, NRA won the war and UFM was destroyed.
Therefore the question of strategy and tactics is of crucial importance. It must be grasped by leaders.
 Civil disobedience is a war of another kind that must be planned, well-coordinated and well timed.
It is not just walking the streets and shouting, it is more serious than that and even more lethal against dictators.
But it is no guess work. You plan it as you plan any serious resistance. The leaders who don’t understand this undermine the struggle, not deliberately definitely, but they do all the same.
Therefore those USELESS SKIRMISHES IN THE CITY MUST STOP. They work for the enemy and weaken the PEOPLE's STRUGGLE.
I implore leaders to go to work and build capacity, coordinate with other friendly forces, build command, plan logistics eg food for the families, first aid etc for the young people who face the danger, etc etc! If you do these, you will win. Don’t send boys and girls on the street just to remain politically relevant. What the people of Uganda want is victory.
May God Bless our struggle.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This statement came from South Korea's government to the government of Uganda which the NRM government has not communicated with the family of the late Aronda. 
"Noh Kwang-il, South Korean foreign ministry spokesman said that the minister did not request hospital treatment and that the government of Uganda was aware that all officials invited from Uganda had been covered under travelers health insurance. He described Aronda's condition during his stay in an interview with YTN news. Aronda was complaining of stomach pain for two days. At one point he was in considerable pain but when we asked him if he would like to go to the hospital, he said he was fine but asked for medicine. So we gave him some medication. On the day before he left, he took medication for gastritis an irritation or inflammation of the lining of the stomach but never complained of chest pain. After medication the minister looked much better and was able to complete his schedule and he departed. The family of Aronda should hold this regime responsible for his death and the King should stop telling lies to the nation whenever there is a suspicious death. Henry Tumukunde will be confirmed to be the next minister of foreign affairs as if the country belongs to the Bahima clan. We are fed up with Museveni's sectarian and nepotism ways. The saddest thing is that majority of Ugandans believe that all Bahimas are well off which is far from the truth but the king has made it worse for his people.

Monday, September 28, 2015


Besigye cannot be a failure for seeking to uproot the Museveni dictatorship via People Power Revolution.
[By Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, also Head of Diaspora Mobilization of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU)]

Dr. Kizza Besigye – he says NO REFORMS, NO ELECTIONS.
In recent days, some misguided political analysts, pro-NRM journalists and politicians have been peddling an incredible view that FDC Strongman Kizza Besigye is a failure because he continues to insist on a political and electoral agenda of NO REFORMS, NO ELECTIONS, and also because he prefers a PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION, RATHER THAN GRACING AND PARTICIPATING IN MUSEVENI-ORGANISED SHAM AND ALREADY RIGGED ELECTIONS.
Some have even begun to speculate that Dr. Kizza Besigye is going to become politically irrelevant and extinct because he now faces a revolt by some FDC MPs, who are planning to leave the party and join with forces who are hell-bent on participating in Museveni-organised elections even without the required REFORMS.

In a way, it is not a sin, nor a problem for those MPs who wish to defect from a Besigye-led party to do so. Let them go - it is their right to support whichever candidate they wish to support.
What matters for Uganda, however, in the current phase of the People's Struggle for a new political dispensation, is, frankly, not how many MPs a leader can master around you, but how huge a following a candidate can master among the broader Ugandan population, with whose support a People's Revolution can be actualized.

The real test and measure of how credible and strong a Ugandan political leader is will not be determined by how many wavering MPs abandon their original parties (NRM, FDC, UPC, DP, CP, etc), to support a politician with a different political direction, but how big a following one can have or master among the masses - the common citizen, for, these are the ones in their millions who can make happen the REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE UGANDANS ASPIRE FOR.

In the end, even in the post-Museveni era, when Ugandans have re-established a democratic dispensation, it will still be the same millions of simple voters who will make or break the country's political leaders.

If any political leader is to ignore this incontrovertible fact, the bitter truth might be that that leader may be the type who would love to see a continuation of the elitist manipulations of the political system, where a country’s political elites always seek to gain victory and power, not via the power of the masses but via the anti-people political game-plays of the few political elites operating from the dark shadows and corridors of the so-called parliament of Uganda - a parliament  which for decades has been and remains packed with Museveni dictatorship-supporting MPs who were elected through utterly sham and rigged Museveni-organized elections.


Vincent Magombe

THIS IS WHY MUSEVENI MUST BE FORCED OUT OF STATE HOUSE IMMEDUATELY. He has turned State House into a MAFIOSO DEN. Uganda and Ugandans deserve better.

A war broke out in State House recently on the management of President Yoweri Museveni’s social media accounts.
The final battle saw the ejection of Sarah Kagingo, the former Presidential Assistant for Communications.
When everyone thought it had ceased, former presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi, too was picked and cast out.
The president, however, retained him as an advisor on media matters.
Last week, Mirundi revealed that he was poisoned three times by “thieves at State House”.
He also revealed that Kagingo who had reported an assault case against the powerful President’s Private Secretary, Maj Edith Nakalema, was actually assaulted.
Mirundi also said Kagingo had been denied two and a half years’ salary.
Social media enthusiasts continue to wonder why Kagingo still defends Museveni on social media.
Appearing on Fourth Estate in February 2015, Kagingo explained it all.

Source: The Insider,


President Museveni has advanced stage 4 Prostate Cancer. Stage four is the final stage and at this stage, the cancer may have spread to other organs such as the bladder. The king had his prostate removed through laparoscopic surgery at Fortis Clinic in New Delhi India on Sept. 18th, 2011 shortly after elections. A prostate gland is part of a male's reproduction system. At this stage the cancer is rapidly invading other organs. Although the gland was removed, the cancer was caught too late. He is under care by his personal doctor Diane Atwine with the help of urology doctors from India. The King also suffers from gout which is caused by excessive uric acid in the body. Because his prostate gland was removed, he also suffers from urinary incontinence a condition where one feels like going to the bathroom frequently. To relieve pain from his joints. Since the king is on steroid medication this causes the body to retain water and can cause swelling in the feet, legs, arms and in the face. NRM is said to put up resistance as the king wants his wife to be the flag bearer of NRM

To all makes in their fifties and above or you are approaching fifty years of age' you should get yourself screened for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is one of the most curable cancer if detected early. If all your male relatives such as your uncles on either side are dead, you must test yourself immediately. If King Museveni had more relatives such as uncles perhaps he would have caught his cancer early. The cancer gene can be passed on from either parent. Muhoozi should get himself screened and am sure he has done it already. Those that kill other people for any reason, should understand that the soil will never be declared full that its no longer taking in dead bodies. I feel sad that king Museveni deployed our brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, fathers, mothers, cousins, friends to go and die in South Sudan, Somalia for absolute no reason and they got slaughtered and now he is pulling UPDF out of South Sudan without any accountability as to why those Ugandans had to die in South Sudan. Being a commander in chief does not mean that you should treat men and women in the army as commodities. Being disciplined is not an option to send them in arms way. Many men in Uganda have died of prostate cancer and perhaps some of them thought that they had caught a sexually transmittable disease.

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The following was sent to me by Adam NoneOfYourBusiness.

Breaking News.

Presidemt M7 despite of using all resources and top lobbyists in newyork, he has failed to meet US President Baraka Obama in a private meeting ..The President has also not been ablevto meet one on one with US SEcretary of State John Kerry.He however managed to shake hand with obama as obama was greeting other world leaders.M7 also got photo opportunity with John kerry after john kerry speech at AU meeting in newyork.

No one knows why the US Leadership has ovoided meeting M7 in private meeting.

The president of uganda managed to meet the pope one on one and the photo was posted by statehouse.

Details to follow.


In 2014, Hon. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi was sucked by our president #Museveni.  Please now refer to Mbabazi as #JPAM.  The conditions of his firing are still dubious given that he had known #Museveni for 43yrs.  I have never seen so much garbage land in media after #JPAM was no more.  I have been one of the biggest critics of #JPAM and the world is my witness.  The articles are on the internet.

What shocked me was seeing so many Ugandans go into media and vilify Mbabazi.  I guess that is when I learned about competition.  It was my damn heaven given right to be the one abusing the man.

Soon after, #Uganda stopped making sense.  Everyone left right and center was attacking #JPAM.  Even losers and political failures were attacking him.

In June when he announced (finally) that he would contest for presidency, we saw a good mess.   Yes I have information on #JPAM but you people make no sense.  If an insider comes up to challenge your King (Span corrupted me), first thing is to praise your King.  What is wrong with you people?

Granted - #TDA is a work in progress.  AND #TDA will work out.  It is young and needs to grow.  Of this, I am sure.  The problem is when you attack a new association you tell the world that you are hopeless.

When you attack people like Besigye, Muntu, Sejusa and you have to evaluate where you are really standing?  These people fought the war and realised the revolution was not worth it because it was hijacked. Think about it people.  You are doing  disservice by fighting against the only people who are telling you that the revolution was hijacked.  What is even shocking is I have shared much information about revolutions and yet I watch you daily vilify the people from whom I have learned why we must respect our elders.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa Hospital has no water)
All my information is public.  Try Google.


To win elections in Uganda, you need cash, an army, a military police and your own oil.
Museveni has them all.  This is why he has won the elections of 2016.

To dislodge him after 30yrs, you need money, an army, a military police and your own oil.  You also need a united opposition.  Who will deliver these things for Uganda?  Stop pussyfooting and get to work.  Why do you all attack each other when your biggest asset is the people. The people are suffering and calling out for change but hey, you prefer to unleash anger on each other instead of fighting the real problem.
KAMPALA, May 20- The government of Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, already one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders, on Tuesday told the country’s opposition that it would have to wait until 2056 before it stood any chance of winning an election.
Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo said the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) “is in for a long journey with Ugandans” under 69 year old Museveni, who has led the impoverished east African nation since 1986.
“However much the opposition tries, they will not win any elections because they do not have a proper programme for Uganda. Probably they will have to wait up to 2056, when they are mature enough,” he said.
“It is under the capable leadership of President Museveni that Uganda for the first time is stable,” he added.
The spokesman was replying to a question over a post on Twitter after an opinion poll showed Museveni as a clear favourite for elections in 2016 and in which he said the opposition would have to wait another 40 years.
The comments were greeted with anger by Ken Lukyamuzi, a leader of the opposition Conservative Party.
“The statement by the government is what we expected. Museveni is not ready for democracy but for hereditary rule,” he said.
“We long suspected he has a family agenda of transitioning from him to his son”, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, he added.
Kainerugaba, 39, is an army general who heads a special forces unit notably tasked with presidential security. He has previously dismissed speculation that he was seeking to succeed his father, saying in June last year that “Uganda is not a monarchy.”

Saturday, September 26, 2015


THE REALILTY IS WE NAMYA EED TO SEE THE MONEY WHICH CHANGED HANDS. KAMYA TURNED OVER HER SCHOOL TO M7 AND EVEN ALLOWED THE GUY TO CARRY HER HAND BAG. MAO WENT ON A TANTRUM AND ABUSED LUKWAGO AND BESIGYE. NAYE FORGIVE HIM.. TURNS OUT THAT MALARIA THING MAY HAVE LEFT PERMANENT DAMAGE. FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I FAIL TO UNDERSTAND WHO WOULD NOT ENDORSE DR. BESIGYE. Well I like his supporters. Brainiacs. Then this Mbabazi thing. I even do not know how to address the fallout of the TDA with this Mbabazi. Only thing I know is the fact that you must not throw the baby out with the bath water. You people, some of you are not reading. The opposition are united. These games are to fool Museveni. Kakati I think this is where Museveni has to ask me why I am so sure. Well I actually contacted mma Fina and went to all those all night prayers to get a vision of Uganda. Museveni must go. Mzee, abazukulu bo bakulinze, They miss you.


Kampala- As if reading from the same script, the Democratic Party (DP) president, Mr Norbert Mao, and Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) president, Ms Beti Kamya, while appearing on the Capital Gang talk-show on Capital FM yesterday, defended their decisions to rally behind former prime minister Amama Mbabazi’s presidential candidature.

They said their decision was based on their conviction that the Opposition voters need a new face to challenge President Museveni’s 30-year grip on power.

The DP and UFA are among seven formations that are said to have backed the candidature of Mr Mbabazi against his rival contender and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party flag bearer, Dr Kizza Besigye, in The Democratic Alliance (TDA), a loose Opposition grouping which had been formed to select a joint presidential flag bearer against Mr Museveni in the 2016 elections.

Kamya’s reasons
Giving three reasons, Ms Kamya said after three attempts running against President Museveni, Dr Besigye was not going to offer anything new in next year’s elections.

“Secondly, I did not find Dr Besigye’s insistence on reforms very convincing,” Ms Kamya said. She said the [electoral] reforms to enable a same level playing field between the Opposition and President Museveni was only possible either through Parliament or a referendum but all avenues seemed closed for now.

“Thirdly, feeling the pulse of the population, especially in my constituency….the ground has shifted in favour of Mr Amama Mbabazi,” Ms Kamya said. To reinforce this argument, she even claimed that at least 12 MPs from FDC had crossed over to Mr Mbabazi’s camp for greener pastures.

Ms Kamya, a former FDC stalwart, left the party which she represented in Parliament as Rubaga North MP from 2006 to 2010 and went on to form UFA. She contested for the national presidency in the 2011 elections and finished in fifth position.

When it was his turn, Mr Mao came short of his usual oratory charm. Later, he sounded subdued by the deputy NRM spokesperson, Mr Ofwono Opondo, who poked holes in Mr Mbabazi’s presidential candidature when he made remarks that suggested that “money” had influenced the majority TDA members to endorse the former prime minister’s bid.

Mao’s reasons
Mr Mao also said after Dr Besigye’s three runs for the presidency, there was something akin to a “Besigye fatigue” that people want something new. He said as DP, they also looked at Mr Mbabazi as being more prepared for the elections compared to Dr Besigye, who was on the other hand preaching the gospel of electoral reforms before elections. “Dr Besigye’s focus is divided,” Mao said.

It is now apparent that both Mr Mbabazi and Dr Besigye will contest in the 2016 race and to this, Mr Mao said: “You can have many leaders commanding a war.”
The show, moderated by Mr Oscar Musoke, was also attended by Dr Besigye.

Dr Besigye scoffed at critics who liken him to President Museveni — that he wants the President to retire but himself cannot let others take on the mantle from him. Dr Besigye described such critics as diversionary, especially the elite.

“I find it strange for someone to compare someone hunting for an office to somebody who is already occupying it,” Dr Besigye argued. “We want anybody who brings in some strength to the struggle,” he added.

Asked why he is lukewarm on Mr Mbabazi leading the Opposition cause, Dr Besigye said it is just a natural feeling to want to scrutinise Mr Mbabazi given his previous record in the NRM government and that even up to now, his mission in the Opposition is still unclear.



Kampala- The former coordinator of intelligence services, Gen David Sejusa, has supported Dr Kizza Besigye’s decision to stand as FDC flag bearer instead of The Democratic Alliance (TDA), a coalition, whose move to field a joint candidate for 2016, fell flat this week.

Gen Sejusa said the loose coalition of Opposition parties and “democracy seeking groups” did not require a single candidate in the first place.

He said the main contenders, Dr Besigye and former prime minister Amama Mbabazi, are competing for unique voting blocs which they ought to consolidate.

“I don’t understand Mr Mbabazi’s going into TDA. Was he fighting for the 26 per cent of Dr Besigye? His focus should have been reducing Museveni’s 60 per cent,” Gen Sejusa said during an interview with Sunday Monitor on Friday. Besigye scored 26 per cent of the vote in the 2011 presidential elections.

Gen Sejusa advised both aspirants to desist from a smear campaign against each other and pledged to support them.

To contest
On Friday, Dr Besigye announced he would proceed to contest on the FDC ticket in the 2016 presidential elections after TDA failed to choose a joint candidate between him and Mr Mbabazi following several weeks of protracted discussions and contestations.

The TDA was consumed by internal disagreements and suspicions on who the joint candidate should be after both aspirants refused to stand down for either contestant.

Dr Besigye’s candidature is supported by his FDC party and the Conservative Party of Ken Lukyamuzi.

He said TDA failed to reach a consensus on the joint candidate because although Mr Mbabazi had fallen out with the NRM, he had not reached the level to lead the Opposition against the ruling party which he insisted he was still a member of.

On the same day, majority members of TDA comprised of Democratic Party president Norbert Mao, civil society activist Zac Niringiye, Uganda Peoples Congress outgoing leader Olara Otunnu, among others, announced that although the alliance had no official candidate, the parties had endorsed Mr Mbabazi as their flag bearer.

On Friday, Gen Sejusa reiterated his pledge to participate in the 2016 electoral process despite still being in the army. The law does not allow soldiers to participate in politics.

Elections should not be allowed- Sejusa

Gen Sejusa has said the 2016 presidential elections should not be conducted because they are going to be rigged in favour of President Museveni and his ruling NRM party.

He claimed the election outcome has already been predetermined by President Museveni and “escorting” him into such election would be aiding and abetting the illegality.

The general said this would be in stark violation of the Constitution which obliges the country to hold free and fair elections.

“Of course, people can do anything! So what is not feasible? To go into Museveni’s election and he cheats [rigs] it? This election will be stopped, absolutely,” Gen Sejusa said on Friday.

“My position is that if you know he has already rigged the election, why go into it? You rather not take part so the world knows the man competed alone with a few Opposition parties. It is unconstitutional to conduct an election that is not free and fair so you who accompany Museveni into that election are as guilty as him. You are actually abetting and aiding him,” he added.

However, the former coordinator of intelligence services hastened to clarify that stopping an election is not the same as boycotting it.

He did not elaborate how the election will be stopped but in previous interviews with this newspaper, Gen Sejusa had said: “We can’t go into an election and those who want to take part in Museveni’s elections can win but they can’t have it just like Dr Besigye won but didn’t get it… We either transform the entire state, not this ping pong. That is nonsense…. That is the dilemma they must confront and resolve.”

Asked whether this is a shared view he has discussed with other political contestants like Mr Mbabazi and Dr Besigye who are seeking to participate in the elections, Gen Sejusa said: “Oh yes, those other actors agree this is a sham election, the only difference is the question: can we do it?”
Dr Besigye, the FDC flag bearer, has persistently called for electoral reforms, including appointing an independent Electoral Commission before the elections.
However, his call seems to be in futility after Parliament refused to endorse the proposal for reforms. Mr Mbabazi has also separately reiterated the need to reform the current electoral system.

Mr Wasswa Biriggwa, the FDC national chairman, agreed with Gen Sejusa’s conclusion that the 2016 elections will not be free and fair under the current electoral system but did not say whether he also shares the same view that the polls will be stopped.

He said FDC is using the 2016 elections as a struggle for electoral reforms.

“We are continuing to fight for a free and fair election and this election is part of that struggle. We cannot stay away from the election because we don’t want to give Museveni another five years on a silver platter. He must fight for it as we are fighting for it,” Mr Biriggwa said.

“We welcome Sejusa to come and help us but so far, we have not seen him in action.

Since he was part of this system, he should point out where the rigging occurs before the election takes place. Blanket statements won’t help us,” he added.

Ms Josephine Mayanja Nkangi, the spokesperson for Mr Mbabazi’s campaign team, said the claim of election rigging is unverified.

“We don’t deal in rumours. That is not based on a fact so we are going ahead to prepare for the election. If anyone cheats we shall deal with it at that point,” Ms Mayanja said.

Col Shaban Bantariza, the deputy director of Uganda Media Centre, the government’s public affairs office, dismissed Gen Sejusa’s claims and dared him to challenge the State.

“Do you still find Gen Sejusa credible to quote? I don’t. He is my senior colleague but politically, just ignore him. He was part of the government and the State. If he wants to confront the State, we wish him luck but no political actor should try to use innocent civilians as a shield in their personal wars with the state,” he said.

Mr Jotham Taremwa, the EC spokesperson, said the general has repeated the same allegation over time and it lacks credibility.

“For the last couple of years, Gen Sejusa has been making that allegation, it is now part of his vocabulary. We are tired of that talk. Let him point out where and how we have already rigged for President Museveni,” Mr Taremwa said. READ The Monitor this week and see his take on it.

Sunday, December 14, 2014
Gen. Sejusa (Tinyefunza) was not paid to live in UK to spy on dissidents - my opinion.
I have to say something. I cannot believe the #Ugandans who are saying that Gen. Sejusa (I do not even know the man) is now back with a file of all the Ugandans in the Diaspora that he was paid to spy on. What the ???? Goodness gracious people. Change your thinking patterns. I do not know a single person who is paid to spy on others abroad. In fact, the only little spies are these minority we meet on social media (FBzero). I AM GOING ON RECORD to say that he was not compiling a list of Ugandans he was spying on. I think this is a bit insulting to his intelligence, the opposition intelligence and the government of Uganda. Meeting people for drinks and supper is not equivalent to spying. We all love to meet people from home and now this silly story is going to have people looking over their backs as if they were being spied on. I have even heard some low level FBzero spy wanna bees saying the government is sending agents after me. NON.. this is not how NRM works. Please people, read and read some more. Whatever reason has brought Sejusa home, he will say it. But these rumours of he brought the entire file of dissidents, I refuse to believe it. Prove me wrong. Otafire said we should try the French legislation..meaning you are guilty till you are proven innocent. So now, you are the guilty one for accusing and provide the proof so that we can rule you guilty or not. A BRAIN IS TOO PRECIOUS A TOOL TO WASTE. Stop making up stories.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Citizen of Canada with Ugandan Origins